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Submission Site Closed and Early Registration to End

The submission of final papers to IFAC 2017 World Congress is now over. The PaperCept submission site for final manuscript upload has closed as announced. The deadline had been extended twice, a first time from 31 March to 7 April, and then to 10 April. The Program Chairs are now finalizing the detailed schedule of the 400 sessions and will not accept any late submission except if the authors can provide rapidly a very convincing reason for not having been able to meet the deadline.

Registration operational and Submission site reopened

Dear Colleagues,

Taking into account the temporary breakdown of the registration system in the last night before submission deadline of 7 April, the Registration Team in coordination with the IPC Chairs have reopened PaperCept for final paper upload. It will remain open until Monday 10 April at night.

Our sincere apologies for those who were doing their registration and uploading papers at the last minute. We recommend them to register without delay.

Best Regards,
Dimitri Peaucelle
IFAC 2017 General Chair

Registration system temporarily out of order

Dear colleagues,

The registration system was out of order from 3:16 till 9:57 local time (Toulouse, France) on Saturday 8 April. We are aware that it went down some hours before the deadline for submitting the final versions of the papers (7 April 23:59 time of PaperCept). This has prevented some of you to register and upload papers at last minute. Some solution will be sought in the close future. Meanwhile those who did not register are invited to do so in order to get their upload codes and be ready for paper uploading.

Registration issues

Dear colleagues,
The registration team is working hard in answering the questions and issues that some of you have. The fact that about 3000 persons register in less than 2 weeks time makes the situation critical. So please be patient and avoid solicitations that could find answers in the Congress web pages.

Registration and Hotel Booking Open Soon

Due to some unexpected minor administrative difficulties, we regret to announce that the registration and hotel booking web services are not yet available. These were expected to open before end of November, but will open in December. We are doing our best for launching these services as soon as possible. Meanwhile, for those who would like to register urgently (for example to spend 2016 credits and cannot wait a couple of weeks), we may find a temporary way around.

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