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Registration Procedure

Registration to IFAC 2017 World Congress is done with a dedicated web service at the following address:

The Registration Procedure is composed of the following steps.

These Registration Procedure steps are detailed below.
In case of difficulties encountered during registration please contact

Registration profile type

At first you should choose a registration profile type among the three following profiles:

  • Full registration profile (660€ fee before 15 April 2017 - 2 papers upload included)
  • Student registration profile (390€ fee before 15 April 2017 - 1 paper upload included - copy of student's card to be provided)
  • Application days registration profile (500€ fee - 1 paper upload included)

Registration profile login

Then, you are invited to "Connect using your profile" or to "Create a new profile". These profiles (login and password) are for IFAC 2017 registration only. They are NOT related to your or other profiles. When connecting for the first time you hence should "Create a new profile".

The profile data will be stored to the system allowing to re-enter the system. This can allow to add registration items separately from the Congress registration itself, and eventually to pay these items with different bank cards. Additional items can be such as accompanying person registrations (200€ fee before 15 April 2017), papers to upload to the system, workshops and tutorials (to be announced early 2017), technical visits (to be announced early 2017), accommodation at university campus (to open early 2017), or lunches during the Congress days. Multiple connection allows also proceed separately the data input from the effective payment.

Warning: The profile data is stored to the system only at the last "Payment" step when clicking the "Validate and Save Profile, and Go to Payment" button.

Personal Data

The following data may be filled in and will be reported on the registration invoice. Data with an asterisc (*) is mandatory.

  • PIN in PaperCept
  • (*) TITLE (Mr, Ms, Dr, Pr)
  • (*) SURNAME (Familly name, Last name)
  • (*) GIVEN NAME(S)
  • CITY
  • STATE (required for USA)
  • (*) COUNTRY
  • FAX
  • (*) E-MAIL ADDRESS 1 (this email address is used to confirm registration)

To help the organizing committee with logistic issues, you are invited to inform us about your

  • (*) ARRIVAL DATE - and time (arrival to Toulouse)
  • (*) DEPARTURE DATE - and time (leave from Toulouse)

and whether you intend to attend the following social events (included in the registration fees)

  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception (18:00-22:00, 9 July 2017)
  • Congress Banquet (19:30-23:00, 13 July 2017)
  • Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception (16:00-20:00, 14 July 2017)
A copy of a document attesting student's status is requested for student registration.
Student registration, and related reduced fees, are bound to specific agreements with World Congress partners. It is requested that each student’s registration is associated to a document attesting the attendee has student status at some higher education institution (preparation of Master’s degree or Ph.D. for example). Accepted documents are copies of student’s card or equivalent documents.

For your Congress badge you are also asked to fill the following two fields. Take care when filling this data. Long complex affiliation may be difficult to read.

  • (*) NAME

For those who need such information to be displayed on the documents for French visa formalities, additional fields are provided:

  • Passport number
  • Date of passport validity
  • Birth date
  • Other information to be included in the invitation letter for the visa formalities

Accompanying Person(s)

Accompanying Persons may be added to the registration profile. An additional fee (200€ before 15 April 2017) is charged for each accompanying person registration. Accompanying Person Registration includes a half a day commented visit of Toulouse city center and the three main social events of the Congress. It does not provide access to the congress plenary sessions, technical sessions, exhibition, coffee/tea breaks. For safety reasons no accompanying person will have access to the Congress or social event venues without a registration attested by a Congress badge.

When adding an accompanying person registration the following data is required:

  • (*) SURNAME
  • (*) GIVEN NAME
  • (*) COUNTRY

As well as attendance to the following social events (included in the accompanying persons registration fees)

  • Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception (18:00-22:00, 9 July 2017)
  • Congress Banquet (19:30-23:00, 13 July 2017)
  • Closing Ceremony and Farewell Reception (16:00-20:00, 14 July 2017)

and a choice of Toulouse city center commented visit from the list below (see details here):

  • Great monuments of Toulouse
  • Secret Toulouse or "the unknown city"

Validate registration fee

You are at this step invited to validate your registration fee which depends of your registration profile type and the current date. Reduced fees apply only before 15 April 2017.

Declare papers for upload

Starting from 11 April, this step of the procedure is removed. 10 April was the final and ultimate deadline for paper upload.

Papers will be included in the final program only if accepted in the program by the IPC (preliminary program to be announced end of February 2017) and if associated to a registration. Full registrations allow for 2 papers upload. Student and Application Days registrations allow for 1 paper upload. Additional paper upload can be purchased at the cost of 250€. Papers are limited in their number of pages (5 for Extended Abstracts, 6 for Regular Papers, 12 for Survey Papers). Additional pages may be added for Regular Papers (up to a total of 8 pages) and for Survey Papers (up to a total of 16 pages) at an additional cost of 80€ per page.

Paper upload is to be done in the web service. After payment, Congress authors shall receive the codes allowing them to upload papers in their invoice. Codes are valid only for a specific paper ID (submission number) and for a specified number of pages. Authors should be very careful when entering their paper data. Erroneous data will generate erroneous upload codes. After payment errors may be fixed only by declaring new papers (at the expense of additional paper fees).

Login/Password identification allows to re-enter the system. This feature enables to proceed with registration without declaring papers for upload and to re-connect later-on to declare papers. 

Other registration items

This page is dedicated to additional registration items among

  • Five lunches during Congress days (40€) - 3 April 2017 update: this offer is sold-out.
    A special lunch offer at the close-by university cafeteria is proposed. For logistics reasons only a limited number of tickets is available. Tickets are sold only through the registration web service and it is not possible to buy tickets for individual days (five days tickets pack only).
  • Accommodation at University campus. A limited number of rooms at the Université Paul Sabatier campus is available for the World Congress participants.
  • Workshops and Tutorials.
  • Technical visits. To be announced in April 2017.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions should be accepted to proceed with payment.

Payment information

A summary of all the filled data is provided. Elements that appear in gray color are already validated and stored. New data and non payed items appear in black fonts. The user is invited to validate and save the data, and to proceed to payment.


The user is redirected to a secure PayBox web page to proceed with the payment. Registration can only be payed using CB, VISA or MASTERCARD cards.


Once payment is received an email is send to the user (to the first email address given in the Personal Data). This email contains

  • Full information of the filled data (except password and passport data)
  • A PDF file invoice in which the authors shall find the codes for paper upload in
  • A PDF file invitation letter to be used for visa formalities and any other purpose.