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Automatic Control Applications

The IFAC World Congress is an excellent opportunity for presenting, discussing and advertising automation and control applications in industrial, economical and social fields. The actions for increasing the visibility of applications at the 20th World Congress in Toulouse are described here below.

Industrial task force

All application activities are under the supervision of the Industrial task force of the National Organizing Committee and the Industrial Chair Serge Boverie.

Application paper category

In order to highlight applications the IFAC 2017 World Congress features an "Application paper" category. These papers will be selected on the same high peer-review standards as regular papers and will have identical status in the Congress Proceedings published in IFAC-PapersOnLine series hosted on ScienceDirect The aim is to encourage contributions about concrete new realizations of automatic control concepts. These contributions will illustrate the current and future impact of automation and control for major industrial, economic and social challenges.

See here the submission procedure for complete information about how to submit a contribution in the Application paper category (step 2 of the submission procedure).

Application paper prize

The Application paper prize is given for outstanding technical contributions at an IFAC Congress in the area of control applications. This includes, but is not limited to, case studies, design and implementation of control systems and optimization of operations in a process. The prize and a certificate are awarded at the closing ceremony of the IFAC World Congress. All papers submitted in the "Application paper" will be nominated for the prize. The prize selection is concisely described here.

Extended abstract contributions

Most expected contributions will be regular IFAC papers, yet a limited number of presentations will be included in the Congress program based on extended abstracts. Among others goals, the aim is to facilitate submissions from researchers and engineers for the industry by relaxing some of the format, scientific rigor, and copyright constraints. Extended abstract contributions will follow an ad hoc peer-review process supervised by the Industrial task force. They will no be included in the IFAC proceedings and hence will remain free of copyright which can be useful for ongoing research with potential patents.

Application oriented Open Invited Tracks and Invited Sessions

The 40 Technical committees of IFAC are structured around 9 Coordinating Committees among which 7 are related to technology and applications. The Congress program with be mapped to this structure. Additionnaly, contributors can promote hot topics to be highligted in the program through the organization of Invited Sessions or Open Invited Tracks attracting as many contributions as possible. See here the list of all currently submitted open invited tracks. Here below is a partial list of application and industry oriented tracks.

Title Code
Control and Supervision of water systems 91w85
Hybrid Control Synthesis for Multi-Robot Systems v9hy7
A Civilian Aircraft Landing Challenge 1w92k
Cyber-physical systems for future industrial systems 18y9d
Intelligent decision systems in the wood-products industry 5767b
IS alignment for Enterprise Resource Planning systems 849f1
Control of Airborne Wind Energy Systems t167v
Observation, Diagnosis and Control of Electrical Systems ue8u3
Control and coordination for synchromodal transport systems t8phq
Green Technologies for a cleaner production 12v19
Control of Physiological Systems in Medicine: Models, Identification and Clinical Application 5hy1a
Control and Imaging for Devices and Systems in Medicine: Models, Identification and Clinical Application 32y33

Demonstrator papers and exhibition

Another IFAC 2017 special category is devoted to demonstrators. These can be industrial demonstrators such as prototypes, software, vehicles etc. See here for more information about demonstrators at IFAC 2017 World Congress.

Plenary talks

The program will include each morning plenary presentations and semi-plenary talks in the evening. The final program will include presentations by people from both industry and academia presenting application oriented research.

Application Days Registration

Most of the applicative and industrial presentations are planned to take place on Thursday July 13 and Friday July 14. A special "Application Days Registration" rate is offered to those who would only like to attend these two final days of the congress, which include the congress banquet.

On site industrial exhibition

Companies are invited to expose their products and services at the exhibitions. Exhibitors will participate in the on-site exhibition located at the main coffee/tea refreshments area. It will provide an easy, affordable opportunity to present your products, teaching material, services, and to promote your activities directly to your target market. Companies are also offered the possibility to the demonstrator exhibition without necessarily having proposed a scientific contribution to the program. These could be small or large size demonstrators. For large size demonstrators (cars and more), a dedicated area is planned at the Francazal airbase.

Technical visits

The IFAC 2017 World Congress will feature technical visits to academic research centers in and around Toulouse along with visits to Industrial sites. These technical visits will be with a limited capacity and upon special registration.


A wide range of sponsorship possibilities is offered to companies. These will benefit from large exposure of their brand. The advanced technologies and up-to-date research presented at the Congress are at the cutting edge of the industry and of innovative services. IFAC World Congress sponsorship will de facto benefit the partners whose brands will be associated with this prestigious international event.

The sponsorship possibilities inclue a round-table format that can offer an opportunity to promote a topic and discuss future trends.