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Tour de france 2017 route


Good news for cycling fans attending the Congress: the Tour de France route will be very close to Toulouse in the last days of the congress.

  • Thursday 13th Pau / Peyragude. The longest stage of the Pyrenean stay will be made of an extremely difficult sequence of climbs. As the 214 kilometers are covered, it'll only get harder with the climb up to the Col de Menté, even more selective with the Port de Balès and will become a real agony for the legs in the new final climb to Peyragudes. In the final kilometer, on the runway of the only airport of the Pyrenees, will be a passage at 16% over a distance of 200 metres.
  • Friday 14th Saint-Girons / Foix. Precisely 100. In terms of kilometers, never has such a short format been on the menu of the Tour since halfstages disappeared. It'll be a total contrast compared to what the riders witnessed on the previous day but the terrain will be just as favourable for, I hope, audacious initiatives. Dynamism linked to distance will be joined by a degree of difficulty in the climbs: the Col de Latrape followed by the Col d'Agnes and finally the Mur de Péguère and its gradients that can reach 18%.
  • Saturday 15th Blagnac / Rodez. The countryside of the south-west, whether it's in Tarn or Aveyron offers outstanding viewpoints. Sweet to the eyes are the aerial shots of the countless little valleys that are however tough on the legs of the riders on solid ground. The stage will be demanding. In these conditions, the Côte Saint-Pierre will offer a splendid launch pad to a puncher.

Comments are by Christian Prudhomme, Tour de France director.

For congress attendees eager to enjoy the Tour de France atmosphere:

  • Pau is a 2 hours driving distance from Toulouse and can be reached by train as well.
  • Foix is at 1 hour driving distance from Toulouse and can be reached by train as well.
  • Blagnac is in the Toulouse suburbs. It host the Toulouse-Blagnac airport.