IFAC 2017 World Congress, Toulouse, France. 9-14 July, 2017 The 20th World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control

20th IFAC World Congress
July 9-14, 2017, Toulouse Convention Center, Toulouse, France

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Last updated on July 28, 2017. This conference program is tentative and subject to change

IFAC WC 2017 Keyword Index

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Acoustic-Based Networked Control and NavigationThM25.3, ThP25.5
Active Fault DiagnosisFrA21.2, FrM21.7, FrM27.5, MoA24.5, ThP21.6
Adaptation and learning in physical agentsTuM16.6, WeA02.8
Adaptive and robust control in marine systemThA25.3, ThM25.5, ThP25.1, TuA15.6
Adaptive and robust control of automotive systemsThM30.4, ThM30.5, ThM31.5, ThM32.11, ThP30.1, ThP30.4, ThP30.5, TuA02.1, TuM02.6, TuM02.10, TuP02.4, WeA23.4, WeM23.2, WeP23.2
Adaptive controlFrA10.5, FrM33.1, MoM02.1, MoM04.6, MoP04.8, MoP21.3, MoP21.4, MoP21.6, ThA03.3, ThA04.3, ThA04.4, ThA04.5, ThM03.4, ThM04.10, ThM09.4, TuA10.5, TuA11.2, TuM04.4, TuM04.8, TuM21.1, TuM21.2, TuM21.3, TuM21.4, TuM21.5, TuM21.6, TuP15.1, WeA21.2, WeM02.2, WeM04.2, WeM14.6, WeP02.4, WeP21.2, WeP21.6
Adaptive control -applicationsFrA07.5, MoM16.1, MoM16.2, MoM16.3, MoM16.4, TuA16.2, TuA16.5, TuA16.6, TuM16.6, TuP16.1, TuP16.2, TuP16.4, TuP16.5, WeA02.3, WeA02.6, WeA02.12, WeA02.13
Adaptive control by neural networksFrM07.6, MoP12.3, TuM16.2, WeA02.4
Adaptive control of networksMoA16.5, MoM16.6, MoP02.2
Adaptive control of water resource systemsMoP17.6, TuM17.1
Adaptive neural and fuzzy controlMoA19.2, MoA19.5, MoP12.2, MoP12.5, MoP12.6, TuP27.3
Adaptive system and controlFrA07.6, MoA16.3, MoA16.6, MoM16.2, MoM16.4, MoP16.6, ThM07.1, ThP04.8, ThP07.2, TuA04.7, TuA07.4, TuA16.1, TuA16.2, TuA16.4, TuA16.5, TuM16.1, TuM16.2, TuM16.3, TuM16.6, TuP16.2, TuP16.3, TuP16.4, WeA02.1, WeA02.2, WeA02.3, WeA02.6, WeA02.7, WeA02.10, WeA02.11, WeP24.6
Advanced control technologyFrA01.12, FrA19.6, MoA01.6, MoP27.2, MoP27.4, ThA14.1, ThA27.2, ThA27.6, TuA14.4, TuA27.2, TuA27.3, TuM27.4, WeM27.5, WeP27.1
Advanced process controlFrA27.5, MoA28.3, ThA22.2, ThA28.1, ThA28.2, ThA28.3, ThA28.6, ThP28.1, ThP28.2, ThP28.5, TuM27.6, WeP28.1, WeP28.2, WeP28.3, WeP28.4, WeP28.6
AerospaceMoA09.1, MoM09.5, ThM04.5, ThP23.2, ThP23.5, TuA06.3, TuA06.6, TuP10.4, TuP13.1, TuP13.2, TuP13.4, TuP13.5, WeM03.9, WeM03.10, WeM03.11, WeM11.3
Agricultural roboticsFrM33.8
AI methods for FDIMoA24.6, ThM21.1
Air quality planning and controlMoP17.3
Ajustable or adaptive autonomyMoM03.7
Analysis and control in deregulated power systemsMoA03.11, TuA19.1, TuA19.2, TuA22.2, TuP22.1, TuP22.3, TuP22.6, WeA22.6
Analysis of reliability and safetyFrM21.4, FrM21.6, ThA19.3, ThM21.2, ThM21.4, ThM21.5, ThM28.2, TuA28.5, WeA22.4
Analytic designMoM04.1, MoM14.5, MoP21.5, ThA04.12, ThA10.4, ThA11.2, TuM21.2, TuP21.3, WeM14.1, WeP02.8, WeP21.1, WeP21.2
Anti-windupThM03.2, ThM03.4, WeA10.1
Application of mechatronic principlesFrM33.4, MoA25.2, MoM03.2, ThM17.2, TuP03.10, WeA16.4, WeP16.1, WeP16.2
Application of nonlinear analysis and designFrM11.2, MoA15.2, MoM04.11, MoM11.3, MoP04.2, MoP04.3, MoP04.4, MoP04.5, MoP04.6, MoP04.7, ThA04.9, ThA10.1, ThA11.4, ThM03.6, ThM03.11, ThM11.5, ThP23.6, TuA09.6, TuA10.1, TuA10.2, TuA10.3, TuA10.4, TuA10.5, TuA10.6, TuM09.4, TuM13.1, WeA04.11, WeA10.2, WeA11.6, WeM03.11, WeM03.13, WeM04.7, WeM11.2
Application of power electronicsFrA22.5, FrM22.2, FrM22.3, FrM22.4, Mo21.1, MoA01.2, MoA01.3, MoA01.7, MoM22.1, MoM22.2, MoM22.4, MoP19.5, ThA19.4, WeA19.3, WeA22.1, WeA22.2, WeA22.3, WeA22.4, WeA22.5, WeA22.6
Applications in advanced materials manufacturingThP27.1
Applications of FDI and FTCFrM21.2, MoP20.1, MoP20.5, MoP20.6, ThP21.2, ThP21.3, ThP21.4, ThP21.5, TuA14.5, TuM14.2, TuM14.3, TuM14.6, WeA22.4
Architectures and software tools for enterprise integration and networking in manufacturingFrM06.3, ThM06.1
Artificial intelligenceThM28.1, ThM28.4, WeA27.2
Artificial neural nets in agricultureTuM18.3
Artificial pancreas or organsFrA20.2, FrA20.3, FrM03.2, FrM03.7, FrM04.11, MoA20.6, MoA28.5, MoM20.4, MoM20.5, ThA20.2, ThA20.6, ThP20.5, TuM20.2, WeA20.1, WeA20.2, WeA20.3, WeA20.4, WeA20.5, WeA20.6
Assembly and disassemblyFrA26.5, MoA26.3, MoM01.5, MoM01.6, TuM26.2, TuM26.3, TuM26.5, TuP26.5
Assitive technology and rehabilitation engineeringMoM03.1, MoM03.2, MoM03.5, MoM03.9, MoM03.12, ThM02.15, ThM16.6
Asymptotic stabilizationFrA10.1, FrM10.4, FrM10.5, MoA10.1, MoM06.2, MoP04.4, MoP11.4, ThA04.7, ThA04.12, ThA10.2, ThM03.5, ThM03.12, ThM04.11, ThM10.4, ThP10.4, ThP14.4, Tu21.1, TuA13.4, TuA23.5, WeA11.5, WeM03.3, WeM03.5, WeM04.12, WeP10.2, WeP10.6
Auto-configurationThP17.3, TuM25.2
Automatic control, optimization, real-time operations in transportationFrA18.1, FrM18.6, FrM28.4, MoA23.4, MoA23.6, MoM23.2, ThM05.3, ThM30.2, ThM31.2, ThM32.2, TuA15.1, TuA15.2, TuA15.3, TuA15.4, TuM15.2, TuM15.3, TuM15.4, TuM15.6, TuP02.1, WeA12.4, WeA12.5, WeM12.1, WeM12.4, WeM12.5, WeM23.4, WeM28.3, WeP13.1, WeP13.2, WeP13.3, WeP13.4, WeP13.5, WeP13.6
Automotive sensors and actuatorsMoA23.3, ThM32.5, ThM32.6, ThP30.3, TuM02.10, TuP02.7, TuP02.12, WeA23.1
Automotive system identification and modellingFrA23.3, FrA23.4, FrA23.5, FrM18.2, MoA23.2, MoA23.3, MoM23.6, MoP23.1, MoP23.2, MoP23.6, ThA21.5, ThP31.5, TuA02.1, TuA02.13, TuM02.2, TuM02.6, TuM02.7, TuP02.7, TuP02.11, TuP02.12, WeA23.1, WeM23.1
Autonomic transport systemsWeA12.2, WeM12.3, WeP13.2
Autonomous Mobile RobotsMoA04.4, MoA04.10, MoP28.6, TuM28.1, TuM28.5, TuP28.2, TuP28.3, TuP28.4, WeA28.6, WeP13.6
Autonomous robotic systemsFrM29.1, MoA25.4, MoM17.2, MoM25.2, MoP25.2, MoP25.4, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThA02.9, ThA02.14, ThA25.6, ThM02.1, ThM02.3, ThM02.7, ThM02.8, ThM02.13, ThM02.14, ThM04.12, ThP02.2, ThP02.3, ThP02.13, ThP02.14, TuM03.11, TuM25.1, TuM25.3, TuP25.2, WeA25.1, WeA25.2, WeA25.3, WeA25.5, WeA25.6, WeM17.1, WeM17.5, WeM17.6, WeP17.1, WeP17.6, WeP25.1, WeP25.3, WeP25.4
Autonomous surface vehiclesMoA27.4, MoA27.5, ThM25.5, ThP25.2, TuA15.6
Autonomous systemsFrA05.4, FrA05.6, FrM05.5, ThA05.5, ThM05.3, ThM05.4, WeA05.2, WeA05.4, WeA05.6, WeA28.4, WeM05.5, WeM28.3, WeM28.5, WeP05.2, WeP05.4
Autonomous underwater vehiclesMoA27.5, MoM27.1, MoM27.5, ThA25.1, ThA25.2, ThA25.3, ThA25.4, ThA25.5, ThM25.1, ThM25.3, ThP25.3, ThP25.4, ThP25.5, TuA03.11
Autonomous VehiclesFrA28.2, FrM28.1, FrM28.3, MoA04.2, MoA04.3, MoA04.5, MoA04.6, MoA04.7, MoA04.8, MoA04.9, MoA04.13, MoM28.5, MoM28.6, MoP28.1, MoP28.3, MoP28.5, ThA05.4, ThM30.1, ThM30.2, ThM30.3, ThM30.6, ThM31.6, ThM32.8, ThM32.10, ThP30.2, ThP31.4, TuA02.3, TuM28.3, TuM28.4, TuP02.8, TuP28.1, TuP28.2, TuP28.6, WeM12.2, WeM12.3, WeM28.1, WeM28.6, WeP23.6
Autonomous vehicles in agricultureFrM33.8, ThM18.2, TuM18.5
AutotuningMoM16.1, MoP16.4, MoP16.6, TuM16.4
Avionics and on-board equipmentsFrA05.2, FrA05.3, FrM05.6, Th11.1, WeP05.1, WeP05.5
Backstepping control of distributed parameter systemsMoA14.2, ThM01.14, ThM14.6, TuA13.5, TuA13.6, TuA23.1, TuA23.2, TuM23.1, TuM23.4, TuP23.3, TuP23.4, WeA03.4, WeA03.7
Balance issues of theoretical-versus-practical trainingFrM20.2, FrM20.6, ThM19.1, ThM19.3, ThM19.5, ThP19.1, ThP19.3, WeM33.2, WeM33.5, WeM33.6, WeM33.9, WeM33.13
Batch and semi-batch process controlThA14.6, ThP27.3, TuA27.4, TuA27.6, TuM27.1
Bayesian methodsFrA03.4, FrA03.7, FrA04.14, MoA07.2, MoA07.4, MoP03.12, MoP07.3, MoP07.4, MoP07.6, ThA07.1, ThA12.5, ThP04.12, TuA03.3, TuA04.7, TuA04.9, TuA07.2, TuM05.6, TuP07.5, WeM07.1
Bio-inspired manufacturing systems and self-organizationMoM26.3
Bio-signals analysis and interpretationFrM03.5, FrM04.1, FrM04.9, MoA20.1, MoA20.4, ThA20.3, ThM18.3, ThP20.3, TuA20.2, TuM20.2, TuM20.6, WeM20.4, WeP20.1, WeP20.2
Bioenergy productionThP01.6, TuP18.1, WeM18.2, WeM18.5
Biomedical and medical image processing and systemsFrM03.4, FrM04.9, FrM33.7, MoM20.1, MoM20.2, TuA20.6, WeM20.2, WeP20.2, WeP20.3, WeP20.6
Biomedical system modeling, simulation and visualizationFrA20.1, FrA20.4, FrM03.4, FrM03.8, FrM03.9, FrM03.11, FrM04.1, FrM04.4, FrM04.8, FrM04.13, MoA20.2, MoA20.5, MoA20.6, MoM20.3, MoM20.4, ThA18.6, ThA20.2, ThM20.6, ThP20.4, ThP20.6, TuM20.4, TuM20.5, TuP20.4, TuP20.5, TuP20.6, WeA20.5, WeA20.6, WeP20.6
Bounded error identificationFrA04.2, ThP04.5, TuA08.1, TuA08.2, TuA08.3, TuA08.4, TuM08.2, TuP08.5, WeP03.4
Building AutomationFrA13.3, ThA01.10
Business AnalyticsThP22.1, ThP22.2, ThP22.3, WeP01.12
Business process management systemsFrM06.3, ThA06.5, ThP06.1, WeA06.2, WeA06.5
Cellular, metabolic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neuro-systemsFrA20.5, FrA20.6, FrM03.10, FrM04.1, MoA20.1, ThA18.6, ThA20.4, TuM20.1, WeP18.2
Centralized Internet repository for control educationFrM20.1
Channel estimation/equalisationThM07.1, WeA08.6
Charging Stations for Plug-in Hybrid Electric VehiclesFrA13.5, FrA13.6
Chemical engineeringMoA11.1, MoA11.3, ThM15.2, ThM15.5, ThP10.1, TuM04.5
Chronic care and/or diabetesFrA20.2, FrA20.4, FrM03.2, FrM03.9, MoM20.4, TuA20.5, WeA20.3, WeA20.4, WeA20.6
Climate changeMoA22.6
Climate change impact and adaptation measuresThP05.1, ThP05.2, WeA18.3
Clinical trialMoA28.5, WeA20.2, WeP20.1
Clinical validationMoA20.4
Closed loop identificationFrM12.6, ThA07.2, ThA07.3, ThA07.4, ThA07.6, ThM07.1, ThP04.1, ThP04.2, ThP04.5, TuA07.1, TuA07.2, TuA07.3, TuA07.4, TuA07.5, TuM16.4, WeA07.4
Co-Learning and self-learningThM17.6
Cognitive aspects of automation systems and humansThM08.2, ThP08.1
Collaborative networked organizations principlesThA06.3, ThA06.5, ThM06.2, ThM06.4, ThP08.5
Complex Adaptive SystemsWeA01.11
Complex logistic systemsFrA06.4, FrA17.6, FrM06.4, MoA26.5, MoM26.5, ThM08.3, ThM08.4, TuA26.5, TuM06.6, WeA06.5, WeA26.1, WeA26.2, WeA26.4
Complex system managementFrA04.13, TuA24.1, TuP12.6, WeP12.6
Complex systemsFrA09.6, ThM15.3, TuA01.8, TuP13.3, TuP14.2, WeM02.8, WeP02.1, WeP02.10
Complexity modellingThA01.7, ThM08.2, TuM01.1, WeA01.6, WeA01.10, WeM01.7, WeP01.1, WeP01.8, WeP01.11
Computational EconomicsThM22.2, ThP22.1, ThP22.2, ThP22.3
Computational methods for FDIFrA01.11, FrM21.2, FrM21.4, MoA24.3, ThM21.1, ThM21.3, TuA28.2
Computational Social SciencesFrA13.3, ThP22.4
Computational social systemsMoA22.2
Computional intelligence for business and economyMoA22.4, ThP22.1, ThP22.2, ThP22.3, ThP22.4, WeP01.9
Condition MonitoringFrM21.4, FrM27.2, MoA24.6, MoP20.4, ThM21.5, TuA28.5, TuA28.6
Conflict and Post-conflictThA08.1
Connected VehiclesTuM01.2, WeA01.3
Constrained controlFrA11.5, MoM04.1, MoM04.2, MoM04.3, MoM14.3, MoP04.1, MoP21.6, ThA10.1, ThA10.2, ThA10.3, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThA11.6, ThM04.3, ThM04.4, ThM11.3, ThM11.6, ThP11.3, TuM04.8, WeA03.8, WeA04.10, WeA15.3, WeM03.4, WeM15.4
Constraint and security monitoring and controlMoA01.9, MoA01.13, MoA02.5, MoA02.8, ThA22.5, ThP27.4
Continuing control education in industryTuM01.9
Continuous time system estimationFrM33.2, MoA07.1, MoA08.4, MoM08.3, MoM16.4, ThP04.1, ThP04.2, ThP04.3, ThP04.4, ThP04.6, ThP04.12, ThP04.13, ThP07.1, TuA03.2, TuA03.7, TuA04.4, TuA04.8, TuA04.11, TuA07.5, TuA08.4, TuA08.6, TuM08.3, TuP07.1, TuP07.2, TuP08.1, TuP08.2, TuP08.5, WeA07.1, WeA15.5, WeM07.2
Control and Automation Systems failureThA01.12, TuM01.3, TuM11.1, WeA01.1, WeM01.2, WeM01.11
Control and estimation of wave equations and systems of elasticityMoA14.1, TuP23.1, WeA03.3
Control and estimation with data lossMoA12.2, MoP03.6, MoP03.8, MoP03.13, TuA03.14, TuP12.1, TuP12.2, TuP12.4, WeA08.2, WeM08.3, WeM08.6, WeM24.3, WeM24.6
Control architectures in automotive controlMoA04.2, MoP23.1, ThA21.4, TuA02.3, TuA02.6, TuA02.7, TuA02.10, TuM02.9, TuM02.11, TuP02.10, WeP23.5
Control architectures in marine systemsMoA27.6, MoM27.2, ThA21.6, ThA25.5
Control design for hybrid systemsFrM09.1, MoA09.6, MoA21.1, MoP09.2, ThA11.5, ThM03.6, WeA04.9, WeA09.4
Control education using laboratory equipmentFrM20.2, FrM20.3, FrM20.4, FrM20.5, FrM20.6, ThA01.7, ThM19.2, ThM19.4, ThM19.5, ThM19.6, ThP19.2, ThP19.3, ThP19.4, ThP19.5, ThP19.6, TuM01.13, WeM33.3, WeM33.4, WeM33.5, WeM33.6, WeM33.7, WeM33.8, WeM33.11, WeM33.12, WeM33.13, WeM33.14, WeM33.15
Control in economicsMoA22.1, MoA22.6
Control in neuroscienceMoA09.4, WeA04.11
Control in system biologyFrA08.3, ThA04.7, TuA10.6, TuA20.3, TuA21.6, WeM02.3, WeP21.3
Control of bifurcation and chaosWeM04.7
Control of constrained systemsFrA11.1, FrA11.6, FrM27.6, MoA09.5, MoA10.3, MoA14.1, MoM04.1, MoM06.1, MoM14.4, MoM14.5, MoP21.1, MoP21.3, ThA09.3, ThA10.4, ThA10.5, ThA10.6, ThA11.1, ThA11.4, ThM03.2, ThM03.3, ThM03.13, ThM09.6, ThM10.1, ThM10.2, ThM10.3, ThM10.4, ThM11.1, ThM14.5, ThP11.5, TuA09.3, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuA10.2, TuP09.2, WeA04.7, WeA04.12, WeM03.12, WeM04.4, WeM15.1, WeP02.6
Control of distributed systemsFrA01.8, MoA03.12, ThA27.2, ThM27.1, ThM27.2, ThM27.4, ThP27.2, TuM22.5
Control of fluid flows and fluids-structures interactionsMoP04.9, ThA23.2, ThA23.3, ThA23.4, ThA23.6, ThM23.1, ThM23.4, ThM23.5, ThP23.3, ThP23.4
Control of heat and mass transfer systemsFrM09.2, MoA14.5, ThA23.5, ThM14.2, ThP23.6, TuM04.5, TuM10.3, WeA03.7, WeA03.11
Control of hyperbolic systems and conservation lawsMoA14.4, ThP15.4, TuA23.2, TuA23.3, TuA23.4, TuM23.6, TuP23.5, WeA03.1, WeA03.4, WeA03.9, WeA03.10, WeM11.1
Control of interconnected systemsMoA11.5, MoM04.6, ThM03.13, ThP10.5, ThP11.1, WeA04.10, WeA04.13, WeA10.5, WeM10.6, WeM21.6, WeP10.4
Control of large-scale systemsMoM19.2, ThA27.4, ThM27.1, ThM27.2, ThM27.4, TuA27.3, WeP22.2
Control of networksFrA08.3, FrA08.5, FrA12.5, FrM12.1, FrM24.2, MoM12.1, MoP01.8, MoP02.9, MoP02.10, MoP02.13, MoP02.14, MoP03.4, ThA12.1, ThM12.1, ThM12.2, ThM24.1, ThP12.1, TuM12.2, TuM12.3, TuM12.5, TuM12.6, WeP12.1, WeP12.3, WeP12.5
Control of partial differential equationsFrM09.2, FrM09.5, MoA09.3, MoM09.2, MoP09.1, MoP09.5, TuA13.3, TuM23.5, WeP14.3
Control of physiological and clinical variablesFrA20.2, FrA20.3, FrM03.6, FrM03.8, FrM03.11, FrM04.11, MoM20.5, ThA20.2, ThA20.5, ThM20.2, ThP20.1, TuA20.4, TuP20.4, TuP20.6, WeA20.1, WeA20.2, WeA20.3, WeA20.4, WeA20.5
Control of quantum and Schroedinger systemsMoP09.1, TuM23.5
Control of renewable energy resourcesFrA01.1, FrA01.8, FrA19.1, FrA19.2, FrA19.3, FrA19.4, FrA19.5, FrA19.6, FrM19.1, FrM19.2, FrM19.3, FrM19.4, FrM19.5, FrM19.6, Mo21.1, MoA01.1, MoA01.5, MoA02.1, MoA02.3, MoA02.7, MoA02.9, MoA02.10, MoA02.11, MoA02.13, MoA03.6, MoA03.8, MoA03.10, MoA03.14, MoA10.5, MoM22.5, MoM22.6, MoP19.5, ThA19.2, ThA19.5, ThA22.3, ThA22.4, ThM13.1, ThM13.5, ThM13.6, ThP13.3, ThP13.4, ThP13.6, TuA19.3, TuA19.4, TuA22.1, TuA22.2, TuA22.3, TuA22.4, TuA22.5, TuA22.6, TuM19.2, TuM22.4, TuM22.5, TuP19.1, TuP19.2, TuP22.3, TuP22.4, TuP22.5, WeA19.1, WeA19.2, WeA19.3, WeA19.5, WeA19.6, WeM19.1, WeM19.2, WeM19.3, WeM19.4, WeM19.5, WeM19.6, WeM22.1, WeM22.3, WeP19.1, WeP19.2, WeP19.3, WeP19.4, WeP19.6, WeP22.1, WeP22.5
Control of switched systemsFrA10.5, FrA10.6, MoM04.12, MoM04.13, MoM04.14, MoM21.3, MoP11.1, MoP15.1, ThA03.11, ThA11.5, TuA03.8, WeA04.5
Control of systems in vehiclesFrA05.1, FrA05.3, FrA05.5, ThA05.3, ThM31.2, ThP30.2, TuA02.6, WeA05.1, WeA05.2, WeA28.1, WeP05.1, WeP05.2, WeP05.5
Control of voluntary movements, respirationThP20.4, WeM20.5, WeM20.6, WeP20.5
Control over networksFrA08.1, FrA08.5, FrA12.2, FrM08.2, FrM08.3, FrM08.4, FrM08.6, MoM12.3, MoP01.5, MoP02.6, MoP02.14, MoP03.1, MoP03.2, MoP03.3, MoP03.4, MoP03.6, MoP03.9, MoP03.13, ThM12.3, ThM12.4, ThP12.2, TuA03.13, TuA16.4, TuM05.5, TuM12.3, TuM12.4, TuM12.5, TuM33.8, TuP05.5, TuP05.6, TuP12.3, TuP12.4, TuP12.5, WeA08.6, WeA24.4, WeA24.5, WeM08.1, WeM08.2, WeM08.5, WeM08.6, WeM24.2, WeM24.4, WeP12.3, WeP24.3, WeP24.4, WeP24.6
Control problems under conflict and/or uncertaintiesFrM09.6, FrM15.5, MoP10.1, ThA09.1, ThM09.4, ThM09.6, TuA09.6, TuM09.5, TuP13.2, WeA14.1
Control system designFrA01.7, FrA19.3, FrA19.4, FrA19.6, FrA22.1, FrA22.2, FrA22.3, FrA22.5, FrM19.6, FrM22.1, FrM22.2, FrM22.4, FrM22.6, MoA01.7, MoA01.8, MoA01.14, MoA02.1, MoA02.2, MoA02.4, MoA02.9, MoA02.10, MoA03.2, MoA03.9, MoM19.1, MoM19.2, MoM19.6, MoM22.1, MoM22.2, MoM22.3, MoP19.1, MoP19.2, MoP19.5, MoP19.6, MoP22.1, ThA19.2, ThA22.1, ThA22.4, ThA22.5, ThA22.6, ThA27.6, ThM13.1, ThM13.2, ThP13.3, ThP13.6, TuA19.1, TuA19.6, TuA22.1, TuA22.2, TuA22.3, TuM19.2, TuM19.3, TuM19.4, TuM19.5, TuM22.1, TuM22.3, TuP19.2, TuP19.3, TuP19.4, TuP19.5, TuP19.6, TuP22.1, WeA19.1, WeA22.1, WeA22.2, WeA22.3, WeA22.5, WeM19.2, WeM19.4, WeM27.3, WeP19.3, WeP19.4, WeP19.6, WeP22.1, WeP22.4
Control under communication constraintsFrA12.6, FrM08.1, FrM08.6, FrM12.1, FrM12.4, MoM12.4, MoP03.2, MoP03.3, MoP03.5, MoP03.14, ThA12.3, TuM12.4, TuP05.4, TuP05.6, TuP12.2, TuP12.3, TuP12.4, TuP12.5, TuP16.5, WeA24.2, WeA24.5, WeM08.5, WeM08.6, WeM24.2, WeM24.5, WeM24.6, WeP24.2, WeP24.5
Control under communication constraints (nonliearity)FrM11.1, MoA10.6, TuA11.5, WeA04.13
Control under computation constraintsFrM08.2, ThP12.4
Controllability and observability of distributed parameter systemsWeA03.2, WeA03.10
Controller constraints and structureFrA11.1, MoM02.2, MoM14.6, MoP21.2, ThA03.9, ThA03.10, ThA04.8, ThA10.3, ThA11.1, ThA11.2, ThM09.4, ThM23.3, ThP15.6, TuA06.2, TuA06.5, TuM21.2, TuP21.2, WeM03.14
Convex optimizationFrA09.3, FrA09.5, FrA10.6, FrM14.1, FrM14.3, MoM02.6, MoM06.4, MoM06.5, MoM09.3, MoM14.4, MoP06.5, ThA04.6, ThA04.8, ThA04.11, ThM01.2, ThM11.2, ThP11.2, TuA10.4, TuM04.6, TuM04.9, TuP04.6, WeM04.5, WeM09.1, WeM15.6
Cooperative controlThP30.6, WeA28.3
Cooperative navigationFrA05.6, FrA28.1, FrM05.5, MoA04.6, WeA12.2, WeA28.2, WeA28.3, WeA28.5
Cooperative systemsFrA08.4, FrA12.1, FrA12.3, FrM08.5, FrM12.3, FrM12.5, MoA12.3, MoA12.6, MoM12.3, MoM12.4, MoM12.5, MoM24.1, MoP01.1, MoP01.2, MoP01.3, MoP01.4, MoP01.5, MoP01.6, MoP01.7, MoP01.8, MoP01.9, MoP01.11, MoP01.14, MoP02.1, MoP02.6, MoP02.9, MoP02.11, MoP02.12, ThA12.6, ThM12.2, ThM12.5, TuA08.2, TuM33.6, TuP08.3, WeA08.3, WeM08.1, WeP04.5, WeP08.2
Coordinated controlTuA15.5
Coordination of multiple vehicle systemsMoA12.1, MoM12.5, MoP01.10, MoP01.13, MoP02.1, MoP02.8, ThA24.5, WeA02.8, WeP12.6
Crop processesThM18.2
Cultural impacts of automation technologyTuM11.4
CultureTuM11.4, TuP11.3, WeP01.10
Cyber-Physical SystemsMoM03.11, MoM18.4, MoM18.6, TuA18.1, TuA18.3
Data mining and multivariate statisticsFrA21.3, FrA27.1, ThA28.5, ThP28.4, TuA28.4
Data mining toolsThM18.4, ThM18.5
Data-based controlMoM21.5, ThA04.1, ThA04.2, ThA04.6, WeA09.1, WeA21.1, WeA21.2, WeA21.3, WeA21.4, WeA21.5, WeA21.6, WeM21.3
Data-Driven Decision MakingFrA13.1, ThA01.9, ThM22.1, WeA01.4, WeP01.12, WeP01.13
Data-fusionMoM18.3, MoM25.1, ThP02.11, TuP03.13, WeM25.6, WeP25.6
Decentralized and distributed controlThA06.6, ThM10.1, ThM10.2, ThP06.5, TuP06.2, TuP06.6, WeA26.2, WeM06.2, WeM06.5, WeM06.6, WeP06.1, WeP06.4, WeP06.5
Decentralized controlFrA09.1, MoM10.6, ThA03.1, ThA03.2, ThA03.4, ThA03.8, ThA03.9, ThA04.3, ThA09.2, ThM04.6, ThM15.3, ThP11.1, TuA01.7, TuP14.6, TuP15.2, TuP21.4, WeA04.10, WeM09.2, WeM09.6, WeM21.1, WeM21.2, WeM21.3, WeM21.4, WeM21.5, WeM21.6, WeP02.5, WeP21.4
Decentralized Control and SystemsFrA28.2, MoA04.9, ThM32.10, TuA15.3, TuM15.5, TuM28.6, TuP02.1, TuP02.6, WeA28.1
Decision making and autonomy, sensor data fusionFrM05.6, MoA18.6, ThA05.2, ThM05.2, WeA05.6, WeA28.1, WeM05.1, WeM05.5, WeP05.4
Decision making and cognitive processesFrM25.2, FrM25.6, TuA02.12
Decision support and controlFrA20.3, FrM03.1, FrM04.5, FrM04.6, FrM04.8, FrM04.11, MoA20.5, ThA20.3, ThA20.5, ThM20.2, ThM20.3, ThP01.8, TuM20.5, WeM18.4, WeM20.6
Decoupling problemsMoP10.2, ThA15.5, TuA01.4, TuA01.7, TuA01.11, TuP14.6
Delay compensation for linear and nonlinear systemsMoA14.2, ThP14.5
Delay systemsFrA10.1, FrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrA10.4, FrM33.6, MoM02.11, MoM04.4, MoM04.5, MoM04.7, MoM04.8, MoP04.10, MoP10.3, ThM03.7, ThM14.3, ThM14.4, ThP14.4, TuM04.10, TuP15.4, WeA04.6, WeM02.2
Dependable manufacturing systems controlMoM01.3, MoM26.6, ThM26.3
Descriptive AnalyticsWeM01.14
Descriptor systemsFrM14.1, FrM14.2, FrM14.3, FrM14.4, FrM14.5, MoM06.3, MoP11.2, ThA15.2, ThA15.3, WeA03.5, WeA03.11, WeA10.3
Design methodologiesFrA16.3, FrA16.6, MoA17.1, MoA17.5, MoM03.6, ThA02.4, ThA02.14, ThA16.6, ThA17.6, ThM17.4, ThP02.10, ThP16.6, ThP17.2, TuA17.1, TuA17.2, TuA17.3, TuA18.1, TuA18.5, WeA16.1, WeA16.4, WeA16.5, WeM16.1, WeM25.3, WeP16.2, WeP17.4
Design methodology for HMSFrM25.5, MoM03.10, ThP02.12
Design of fault tolerant/reliable systemsFrA21.6, FrM21.6, ThM21.1, ThM21.2, ThP21.5, TuM14.2, TuM14.3, TuM14.4
Developing RegionsTuP11.1
Developments in measurement, signal processingThA20.3, ThP20.6, TuA20.1, TuP20.3, WeM20.1, WeM20.5, WeP20.1
Device integration technologiesFrA26.2, FrM26.6, MoM01.9
DiagnosisMoM21.6, MoP04.11, MoP10.5, TuA01.9, TuP13.5, TuP23.2, WeM15.2
Diagnosis of discrete event and hybrid systemsMoP08.5, MoP13.1, ThA24.3, ThM24.6, ThP24.1, ThP24.3, ThP24.4, TuM07.2, TuM08.4, TuM33.12, TuP24.2, TuP24.3, TuP24.4, TuP24.5, TuP24.6, WeP03.5, WeP03.9, WeP04.6, WeP04.7
Differential or dynamic gamesFrA09.2, FrA09.4, FrA09.5, MoM09.6, ThM09.1, ThM09.2, ThM09.3, TuM09.1, TuM09.2, TuM09.5, TuP04.8, WeM02.7, WeP09.3, WeP09.6
Digital enterpriseThA06.1, ThM06.5, ThP06.2, ThP08.4, WeA26.5
Digital implementationFrA10.1, MoA13.2, MoM02.3, MoM04.12, MoP11.5, MoP14.3, MoP14.4, ThA11.2, ThP14.3, TuP21.1, TuP23.4, WeA15.4, WeM03.5, WeP11.1
Discontinuous controlMoA14.5, MoM10.1, MoM11.4, MoP11.1, MoP11.3, MoP11.4, WeM11.1, WeM21.3
Discrete event modeling and simulationMoM13.1, MoM13.2, MoP05.6, MoP13.2, MoP13.3, ThA24.1, ThA24.2, ThA24.3, ThA24.4, ThA24.6, ThM24.1, ThM24.3, ThM24.4, ThM24.5, ThP18.1, ThP18.2, ThP18.4, ThP18.5, ThP18.6, ThP24.3, ThP24.6, TuM07.2, TuM07.3, TuM07.4, TuM07.5, TuM07.6, TuM33.1, TuM33.2, TuM33.3, TuM33.4, TuM33.5, TuM33.6, TuM33.7, TuM33.8, TuM33.10, TuM33.11, TuM33.12, TuP24.1, TuP24.4, WeP03.3, WeP03.7, WeP03.8, WeP03.11, WeP03.12, WeP04.1, WeP04.2, WeP04.9, WeP04.10
Discrete event systems in manufacturingFrM06.5, MoA26.4, MoA26.6, MoM01.2, MoM01.3, MoM01.8, MoP26.3, ThM26.3, WeM26.2
Distributed control and estimationFrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.4, FrA08.6, FrA12.1, FrA12.3, FrM07.1, FrM08.5, FrM08.6, FrM12.1, FrM12.3, FrM24.1, MoA12.1, MoA12.2, MoA12.6, MoM12.6, MoP01.4, MoP01.7, MoP01.9, MoP01.11, MoP01.13, MoP01.14, MoP02.3, MoP02.4, MoP02.5, MoP02.6, MoP02.8, MoP02.11, MoP02.12, MoP02.13, MoP03.4, MoP03.7, MoP03.11, MoP03.12, ThA12.2, ThA12.3, ThM12.6, ThM22.6, ThP12.3, ThP12.4, ThP12.5, ThP12.6, TuA08.5, TuA08.6, TuM05.3, TuM12.1, TuM12.5, TuM24.3, TuP05.5, TuP12.3, WeA08.5, WeM08.2, WeM24.1, WeP08.3, WeP08.4, WeP12.1, WeP24.4
Distributed control of environmental systemsTuP17.3
Distributed Fault DiagnosisMoA24.2, TuA14.5
Distributed Fault-tolerant ControlThP21.4, TuA14.3
Distributed nagigation and control of unmmanned autonomous vehiclesTuP06.6, WeP06.1
Distributed nonlinear controlThM15.1, ThM15.5, ThM15.6, TuA13.4, WeA04.13, WeA11.2, WeM04.5, WeM09.3, WeM11.1, WeM21.2
Distributed robust controller synthesisFrA09.1, ThM01.15, WeM11.6
Distribution automationMoA03.3, MoA03.6, MoA03.12, ThP21.6, WeM22.4, WeP27.4
Disturbance estimation and sliding mode control of distributed parameter systemsTuM23.4, TuP23.5
Disturbance rejectionMoA06.1, MoA06.4, MoA21.6, MoM04.4, MoM04.9, MoP04.13, ThA23.1, ThM01.7, ThM03.9, TuA10.1, TuM10.6, TuM21.4, WeA09.2, WeM04.9, WeM04.11, WeM10.5, WeP02.2, WeP10.5, WeP11.3, WeP14.1
Disturbance rejection (linear case)FrA14.6, FrM14.5, FrM15.5, MoA06.3, MoA21.1, MoA21.2, MoA21.3, MoA21.4, MoA21.5, MoM01.10, ThA03.4, TuA01.5, TuA01.12, TuA01.13, TuP13.2, TuP15.3, TuP21.5, WeA14.1, WeP02.4, WeP14.2
Downstream processingThM18.4
Dynamic gamesMoA22.2, ThM22.4, ThP22.6, TuM01.11
Dynamic interaction of power plantsMoA02.11, MoM19.3, MoM19.5
Dynamic positioningMoA27.1, MoA27.2, MoA27.3, ThA25.3, ThM25.5, ThM25.6
Dynamics and controlFrA20.5, FrM03.2, FrM03.3, FrM03.10, MoP17.1, ThA18.1, ThA18.2, ThA18.3, ThA18.4, ThA18.5, ThM18.1, ThM18.3, ThM20.5, ThP01.1, ThP01.2, ThP01.3, ThP01.4, ThP01.5, ThP01.6, ThP01.8, ThP01.9, ThP01.10, ThP01.11, ThP01.12, ThP01.13, ThP20.2, TuA05.1, TuA05.3, TuM17.2, WeA18.1, WeA18.6, WeA20.1, WeM18.1, WeM18.2, WeM18.3, WeM18.4, WeM18.5, WeM18.6, WeM20.3, WeP18.1, WeP18.3, WeP18.5, WeP18.6, WeP20.4
E-learning in control engineeringFrM20.5, ThP19.1, WeM33.2, WeM33.5, WeM33.7
E-Manufacturing technologies and facilitiesFrM26.3
Econometric methodsThA01.3, TuM01.12, WeA01.5
Econometric modelsThA01.3
Economic modelsMoA22.6, ThM08.6, TuM11.3
Efficient strategies for large scale complex systemsFrA06.2, FrA06.5, FrM06.4, MoM01.2, ThM06.6, TuP06.4, WeA26.1, WeM06.1, WeM06.2
EHealthWeA01.10, WeM33.8
Electric and solar vehiclesMoM23.5, MoM23.6, MoM28.6, ThM31.3, TuM02.1, TuM02.7, TuP02.2, WeP23.6
Embedded computer architecturesThA26.3, ThA26.5, ThA26.6, TuP01.8
Embedded computer control systems and applicationsMoA19.4, ThA26.6, TuP01.2, TuP01.3, TuP01.4, TuP01.5, TuP01.6, TuP01.8, TuP01.10, TuP27.3
End of life managementTuM11.2
Energy and Distribution Management SystemsFrA13.1, FrA13.4, FrA13.5, FrA13.6, ThA01.12, ThA01.14
Energy Storage Operation and PlanningFrA13.5, FrA13.6, ThA01.14
Energy systemsFrA09.2, MoA11.5, MoP04.6, ThM15.4, ThM23.6, ThP07.6, ThP10.2, ThP10.6, WeA21.1, WeM03.2, WeM21.5
Engine modelling and controlMoM27.2, ThA21.1, ThA21.2, ThA21.3, ThA21.4, ThA21.6, ThP30.4, TuA02.2, TuA02.9, TuA02.13, TuM02.7, TuP02.5, WeA23.1, WeA23.3, WeA23.5, WeM23.1, WeM23.2, WeM23.5
Engineering methods for HMSFrA25.2, FrA25.3, MoM03.8, TuA18.2
Enterprise integrationMoM01.9, ThM06.1, ThM06.3, ThP08.2, TuM06.4, TuP06.3, WeA06.2
Enterprise model validationFrM17.1
Enterprise modelling and BPMThA06.2, ThM06.3, ThP06.1, ThP08.2, TuA26.4
Enterprise NetworksThA01.9, WeA01.1, WeP01.2, WeP01.4, WeP01.8
Enterprise networks design and implementationThA06.3, ThA06.5
Enterprise Reference Models and Their Verification, Validation, and AccreditationThP08.2, TuA26.4
Environmental decision support systemsMoP17.3, MoP17.4, MoP17.5
Equilibrium modelsMoA22.1, MoA22.3, ThM22.2, ThM22.4
Error quantificationTuA03.3, TuA04.4, TuM07.6
Errors in variables identificationFrA03.3, FrA04.1, FrA04.11, MoP07.5, ThA07.3, ThA07.4, ThP03.12, ThP04.2, TuP07.3
Estimation and fault detectionFrA01.4, FrA01.11, FrM27.5, MoM33.5, ThP27.6, TuA14.1, TuM19.1, WeA27.3, WeA27.6, WeP27.3, WeP27.4, WeP27.5
Estimation and filteringFrA03.10, FrA04.5, FrA04.12, FrA04.14, FrA08.2, FrA08.6, FrA12.2, FrM07.3, MoA07.5, MoM05.3, MoM07.4, MoM08.4, MoM08.5, MoM08.6, MoP02.5, MoP03.6, MoP03.8, MoP03.10, MoP05.1, MoP05.6, MoP07.3, MoP07.4, MoP07.6, MoP08.4, ThA12.3, ThM07.2, ThP03.3, ThP04.11, ThP07.2, ThP12.3, ThP12.5, TuA03.2, TuA03.3, TuA03.4, TuA03.6, TuA03.7, TuA03.10, TuA03.11, TuA03.13, TuA03.14, TuA04.3, TuA04.4, TuA04.5, TuA04.8, TuA04.9, TuM05.1, TuM05.2, TuM05.4, TuM05.6, TuP05.3, TuP05.4, TuP08.3, TuP08.4, TuP12.1, WeA08.2, WeA08.4, WeP03.9, WeP08.1
Ethical challenges and issues in social networkingThA08.3
EthicsThA08.1, ThA08.5, TuP11.3, TuP11.4
Event-based controlFrA12.6, FrA24.5, FrM08.1, FrM08.2, FrM08.3, MoM24.1, MoM24.4, MoP03.14, MoP13.2, TuA08.3, TuA24.2, TuM33.1, TuM33.3, TuM33.5, TuM33.11, TuM33.13, WeA24.1, WeA24.2, WeA24.3, WeA24.4, WeA24.5, WeA24.6, WeM24.1, WeM24.3, WeM24.4, WeM24.5, WeM24.6, WeP03.11, WeP04.5, WeP04.8, WeP24.2, WeP24.5
Evoluationary computing in business and social systemsWeM01.14
Evolutionary algorithmsThM04.5, ThM23.4, ThP10.3, ThP23.1, ThP23.4, TuA21.2, TuA21.3, TuA21.4, TuA21.5, TuM04.2, WeA04.12, WeA09.3, WeP21.6
Evolutionary algorithms in control and identificationThA26.1, ThA26.2, ThP09.1, ThP09.4, ThP09.6, TuA12.4, TuP01.9
Expert systems in process industryThM28.4, WeP28.2, WeP28.3, WeP28.6
Fault accommodation and Reconfiguration strategiesFrA21.2, FrA21.6, FrM21.7, FrM27.4, MoA28.1, MoP27.1, ThP21.5, TuM14.3, TuM14.6
Fault detection and diagnosisFrA03.12, FrA03.13, FrA07.1, FrA07.2, FrA07.3, FrA07.4, FrA07.5, FrA07.6, FrM07.1, FrM07.2, FrM07.3, FrM07.4, FrM07.5, MoA07.2, MoA07.3, MoA07.6, MoM07.1, MoP03.9, MoP05.5, MoP05.6, MoP08.1, MoP08.2, MoP08.3, MoP08.4, MoP08.5, MoP08.6, ThA24.4, ThM24.6, ThP03.1, ThP03.2, ThP03.3, ThP03.4, ThP03.5, ThP03.6, ThP03.7, ThP04.4, ThP04.5, ThP24.2, TuA04.13, TuA08.2, TuA28.3, TuM05.6, TuM07.1, TuM07.2, TuM07.3, TuM07.4, TuM07.5, TuM08.1, TuM08.2, TuM08.3, TuM08.4, TuM08.6, TuM24.4, TuM33.11, TuP24.1, TuP24.2, WeA07.2, WeA07.3, WeA08.1, WeA08.6, WeP03.12, WeP04.6, WeP08.6
Fault Detection, Diagnosis, Identification, Isolation and Tolerance for Autonomous VehiclesMoA04.4, MoA04.11, MoM28.1, TuM28.2
Fault diagnosisTuM17.3
Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant controlFrA01.2, MoA28.1, MoM33.5, TuA14.1, TuA28.4, TuM14.5, WeP19.2
Fault-tolerantMoM21.4, MoM21.6, MoP04.11, ThA03.2, ThA03.3, ThA03.5, ThA03.6, TuM21.1, TuP13.1, TuP13.5, TuP13.6, WeA14.4, WeM15.1, WeM15.2, WeM15.3
FDI based on qualitative modelsThP21.1
FDI for hybrid systemsMoA24.6
FDI for linear systemsFrM21.3, FrM21.5, FrM21.7, MoA24.1, MoA24.3, MoA24.5
FDI for nonlinear SystemsMoA24.4, MoP20.4, MoP20.5, MoP20.6, TuA14.1, TuA14.5
Field roboticsMoA25.1, MoA25.2, MoA25.3, MoM18.2, MoM33.9, ThA02.7, ThA25.6, ThM02.14, ThP02.1, TuA25.1, WeM25.6
Filtering and estimation for FDIFrA19.3, FrM21.3
Filtering and smoothingFrA04.3, FrA04.4, FrA04.5, FrM07.1, MoA07.1, MoA07.2, MoM08.1, MoM08.2, MoM08.3, MoM08.4, MoM08.5, MoM08.6, ThP03.8, ThP04.3, ThP04.9, ThP04.12, TuA03.2, TuA16.5, TuM05.4
Financial AnalyticsThM22.5
Financial dynamicsMoA22.5, ThM22.3, TuM11.3
Financial engineeringMoA22.4, MoA22.5, ThM22.3
Financial systemsMoA22.4, MoA22.5, ThM22.3, ThM22.5
Flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing systemsFrA17.4, FrA26.2, FrA26.5, FrM26.1, FrM26.3, FrM26.4, FrM26.6, MoM01.7, MoM01.8, MoP26.6, ThM26.1, ThM26.3, TuM26.1, TuM26.6, WeA26.3, WeA26.5, WeP26.3
Flight dynamics identification, formation flyingThM05.4, WeA05.5, WeA28.4, WeP05.3
Flying robotsFrM29.1, FrM29.2, FrM29.3, FrM29.4, MoA25.6, MoM18.3, MoM25.5, MoP25.3, ThA02.2, ThA02.4, ThA02.6, ThA02.7, ThA02.8, ThA02.9, ThA02.10, ThA02.11, ThM02.1, ThM02.6, ThM02.7, ThM02.10, ThM02.12, ThP02.2, ThP02.6, ThP02.9, TuA17.6, TuA25.4, TuM03.11, WeA25.4, WeM25.3
Fractional systemsFrA15.1, FrA15.2, FrA15.3, FrA15.4, FrA15.5, FrA15.6, ThA04.5, ThA04.7, WeA14.5, WeM02.1, WeM02.2, WeM02.3, WeM02.4, WeM02.5, WeM02.6, WeM02.7, WeM02.8, WeM02.9, WeM02.10, WeM02.11, WeM14.1, WeM14.3, WeM14.4, WeM14.5, WeM14.6, WeP02.7, WeP02.8, WeP14.1, WeP14.2, WeP14.3, WeP14.4, WeP14.5, WeP14.6
Fractional-order systemsThP14.1, WeM02.10, WeM14.2, WeP14.3, WeP14.5
Freight transportationFrA18.3, FrA18.5, TuA15.5, WeP13.6
Frequency domain identificationFrA03.8, MoA08.2, MoA08.3, MoM07.5, ThP03.4, ThP04.10, TuP07.1, TuP07.2, TuP07.3, TuP07.4, TuP07.5, TuP07.6
Fuel cells for Automotive ApplicationsTuM02.3, TuM02.4, TuM02.5, WeP23.3
Future Internet Enterprise SystemsThP06.4
Fuzzy and neural systems relevant to control and identificationMoA19.1, MoA19.2, MoA19.3, MoA19.4, MoA19.5, MoA19.6, MoP12.1, MoP12.2, MoP12.4, MoP12.6, ThA26.1, ThA26.2, ThP09.4, TuA12.6, TuP01.1, TuP27.4, TuP27.5
Fuzzy systems in business and economyWeP01.9
Gain schedulingMoA16.4, MoM05.1, ThA12.4, TuM24.1, TuM24.3, TuP16.6
Game theoriesMoA22.3, ThA01.3, ThM22.2, ThM22.4, ThM22.6, ThP22.5, ThP22.6
Game theory for natural resourcesWeA18.3, WeA18.4
General automobile/road-environment strategiesMoP23.2, ThM32.7
Generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equationsMoM09.4, MoP09.6, TuM09.3, TuP09.1, WeM09.5
Genetic algorithms in marine systemsTuA02.4
Greenhouse controlThP05.3, ThP05.5, TuM18.4
Grey box modellingMoA08.4, MoP07.5, ThP04.4, ThP04.6, TuA04.5, TuM24.2, TuP07.4, WeM07.3, WeP07.1
Guidance navigation and controlFrM29.3, MoA17.2, MoM17.1, MoM25.2, MoM25.3, MoM33.9, MoP25.3, MoP25.4, ThA02.1, ThA02.2, ThA02.4, ThA02.5, ThA02.6, ThA02.8, ThM02.1, ThM02.3, ThM02.5, ThM02.6, ThM02.11, ThP02.2, ThP02.5, ThP02.6, ThP02.10, ThP02.13, ThP25.6, Tu11.1, TuA17.4, TuA25.2, TuM03.3, TuM03.5, TuP25.3, WeA25.1, WeA25.5, WeM17.1, WeM17.2, WeM17.5, WeM25.4, WeM25.6, WeP25.3
Guidance, navigation and control of vehiclesFrA05.2, FrA05.3, FrA05.4, FrA05.6, FrA18.1, FrM05.1, FrM05.2, FrM05.3, FrM05.4, FrM05.5, FrM05.6, FrM28.6, ThA05.1, ThA05.2, ThA05.3, ThA05.5, ThA05.6, ThM05.1, ThM05.2, ThM05.5, TuP28.5, WeA05.1, WeA05.2, WeA05.3, WeA05.5, WeA28.4, WeM05.1, WeM05.3, WeM05.4, WeM05.5, WeM28.5, WeP05.3, WeP05.4
Hamiltonian trajectories in optimal controlMoA09.2, MoA09.4, MoM09.5, MoP09.4, TuA09.2, TuM04.1, TuM09.3, TuM09.4, TuP04.7, TuP09.4, TuP09.6
Hardware-in-the-loop simulationMoM17.4, WeM16.2
Health monitoring and diagnosisFrA05.2, MoA04.4, MoA18.6, ThM05.6, WeA05.6
Healthcare management, disease control, critical careFrM03.1, FrM04.6, MoA20.5, MoM20.6, ThM20.1, TuP20.5
Hierarchical multilevel and multilayer controlFrA06.1, TuA26.3, TuP06.2
Holonic manufacturing systemsFrA26.1, FrM26.6
Human centred automationFrA25.6, FrM25.5, MoM03.1, WeP17.5
Human MechatronicsMoM03.9, MoM18.1, ThM16.6, ThM17.2, WeA16.2, WeP16.4
Human operator supportFrA16.1, FrA25.4, FrA25.5, FrA25.6, FrM25.1, FrM25.5, MoM03.4, MoM03.8, MoM03.11, ThA02.12
Human-centered systems engineeringThA01.5, TuP11.2, WeP01.2
Hybrid and alternative drive vehiclesMoA23.1, MoM23.1, MoM23.2, MoM23.3, MoM27.2, ThA21.4, ThA21.6, ThP31.6, TuM02.1, TuM02.2, TuM02.3, TuM02.8, TuM02.9, TuP02.3, WeA12.6, WeA23.3, WeA23.4, WeA23.6, WeM23.4, WeM23.6, WeP23.1, WeP23.2, WeP23.3, WeP23.4, WeP23.5
Hybrid and distributed system identificationFrA04.2, FrA04.6, WeP07.5
Hybrid and switched systems modelingFrA24.2, FrA24.3, FrM07.2, MoA12.4, MoA16.5, MoM24.2, MoP02.14, MoP24.4, MoP24.5, MoP24.6, TuA24.1, TuA24.2, TuA24.3, TuA24.4, TuA24.5, TuA24.6, TuM08.4, TuM33.2, TuP08.3, WeA08.1, WeP04.1, WeP04.2, WeP04.3, WeP04.9
Identification and control methodsFrA16.1, FrA16.2, FrA25.2, FrA25.3, FrM16.4, FrM16.6, FrM25.1, MoA17.5, MoA18.1, MoM03.1, MoM03.2, MoM03.5, MoM03.12, MoM17.2, MoM17.6, MoM18.5, MoM25.3, MoM33.3, MoP18.2, MoP18.3, MoP18.5, ThA02.1, ThA02.11, ThA02.14, ThA16.2, ThA16.3, ThA16.4, ThA16.5, ThA16.6, ThA17.2, ThA17.5, ThA17.6, ThM17.1, ThM17.4, ThM17.5, ThP16.2, ThP16.3, ThP16.5, ThP17.1, ThP17.2, ThP17.4, ThP17.5, ThP17.6, ThP25.6, TuA18.4, TuM03.1, TuM03.2, TuM03.3, TuM03.4, TuM03.5, TuM03.6, TuM03.7, TuM03.8, TuM03.10, TuM03.11, TuM25.4, TuP03.8, TuP25.4, WeM16.3, WeP16.2, WeP16.6, WeP17.4, WeP17.5
Identification and model reductionFrA17.1, FrA17.4, FrA17.5, FrA17.6, FrM17.5, MoM26.2, MoM26.4, ThP06.6, ThP08.6, WeP06.6
Identification and modellingFrA27.3, MoA28.4, ThA28.1, ThA28.5, ThA28.6, ThM13.4, ThM28.3, ThP28.1, ThP28.4, ThP28.6, WeP19.1, WeP27.2, WeP28.2, WeP28.3, WeP28.5, WeP28.6
Identification and validationFrM04.3, FrM04.4, FrM04.6, FrM04.13, MoA20.3, MoA20.4, MoA20.6, MoA28.5, MoM20.1, MoM20.2, MoM20.5, MoM20.6, ThA20.6, ThM20.2, ThM20.5, ThM28.5, ThM28.6, ThP20.3, ThP20.5, ThP20.6, TuM20.1, TuM20.3, TuM20.4, TuP20.1, TuP20.2, WeM20.1
Identification for controlFrA03.6, FrA04.9, FrM33.2, MoA08.5, MoM07.2, MoM07.3, ThM07.3, ThP03.9, ThP03.12, ThP04.7, ThP04.8, ThP04.9, ThP04.10, ThP04.11, ThP07.3, TuA07.3, TuM16.3, TuM16.4, TuM24.5, TuP07.2, WeA02.4, WeA02.11, WeA02.12, WeA02.13, WeA07.1, WeA07.4, WeA07.5, WeA07.6, WeM07.6
Image analysis in agricultureTuP18.5
In-vehicle communication networksThM32.1, ThM32.2, TuP02.6
Industrial applications of optimal controlFrA11.5, FrA14.6, MoM09.1, MoP09.6, ThA09.3, ThA09.5, ThM11.3, ThM11.6, ThP11.6, TuM04.3, TuM04.4, TuM04.5, TuM10.3, WeA09.6, WeA14.4, WeM03.10
Industrial applications of process controlFrA01.7, FrA21.3, FrA21.5, MoM33.2, ThA14.1, ThA14.2, ThA14.3, ThA14.4, ThA14.5, ThM18.6, ThM27.2, ThP27.3, ThP28.2, WeA27.3, WeP28.4
Industrial biotechnologyThP01.9, WeM18.6
Industrial communication protocolsMoM01.9
Infinite-dimensional multi-agent systems and networksTuA23.4, TuP23.3
Infinite-dimensional systemsFrA15.4, FrM09.5, MoA14.6, MoM02.13, MoM15.2, MoP14.2, ThM23.2, ThM23.3, ThP14.2, TuA13.3, TuA23.3, TuA23.6, TuM23.2, TuP15.5, TuP23.1, TuP23.2, WeA03.7, WeM14.4, WeM14.5, WeP02.2
Information and sensor fusionFrM29.4, MoA25.1, MoA25.4, MoM33.8, ThM02.5, ThM02.10, ThP02.11, TuM25.1, WeP25.2
Information displays/systemThM32.1
Information processing and decision supportFrA18.2, FrA18.6, FrM18.3, TuA02.8, TuP02.6, WeA12.1, WeP13.3
Innovation (in development contexts)FrM33.10, TuM01.13, WeA01.2, WeM01.1
Input and excitation designFrA03.8, FrA04.7, ThA07.5, ThA12.4, TuP08.5, WeA07.2, WeA07.3, WeA07.5, WeP08.6
Input-to-State StabilityFrA10.2, FrM11.5, ThP14.4, TuA23.4, WeA04.6, WeA04.14, WeA10.4, WeA10.5, WeM03.6
Instrumentation and control systemsMoA01.9, MoA03.10, ThM13.2, ThP13.1
Integrated bioprocessingThA18.4
Integrated monitoring, control and security for critical infrastructure systemsTuA26.1, TuA26.2
Integrated traffic managementWe11.1
Integration of technology and environmentThP05.2, ThP05.3, ThP05.6
Intelligent control of power systemsFrA22.4, MoA01.11, MoA02.2, MoA03.7, MoA03.12, MoP22.4, MoP22.5, ThA22.3, ThM27.5, ThP13.2, TuA19.3, TuA22.4, TuM19.4, TuM22.4, TuP19.6, TuP22.4, WeA19.4, WeA19.5, WeM19.3, WeM22.4, WeM22.6, WeP22.6
Intelligent controllersMoM17.5, MoM18.1, MoM18.2, MoM18.5, ThM17.1, ThP17.3, ThP17.5, TuA02.12, TuM03.1, TuM03.4, WeM17.2
Intelligent decision support systems in manufacturingFrA02.8, FrA06.3, FrA06.4, FrM06.1, FrM06.2, FrM06.3, FrM17.6, MoP26.5, ThM26.6, TuP06.1, TuP06.3, WeM26.5
Intelligent driver aidsMoA23.5, MoP23.5, ThM30.1, ThM30.6, ThM31.1, ThM31.3, ThM31.4, ThM31.6, ThM32.3, ThM32.5, ThM32.6, ThM32.7, ThP31.3, ThP31.5, TuM02.11, TuP02.8, TuP02.9, We2T1.1, WeM23.3, WeM28.1
Intelligent interfacesThA02.12, ThM02.15, ThP02.12
Intelligent maintenance systemsFrA26.1, FrM06.2, MoM01.4, ThM26.5, ThP26.2, ThP26.3, ThP26.5, ThP26.6
Intelligent manufacturing systemsFrA26.1, FrA26.2, FrA26.3, FrA26.4, FrA26.5, FrM17.4, FrM26.1, FrM26.2, FrM26.3, FrM26.4, FrM26.5, MoA26.2, MoM01.1, MoM26.6, ThP06.3, TuM26.3, TuM26.6
Intelligent roboticsMoM18.5, ThM17.1, ThM17.6, ThP02.14, ThP17.5, TuA25.5, TuM25.5, TuP25.6, We21.1, WeP25.3
Intelligent system techniques and applicationsFrA06.4, FrM06.1, ThM08.4
Intelligent TransportationFrM33.10, TuM01.2, WeA01.2, WeA01.8, WeM01.10, WeM01.13
Intelligent transportation systemsFrA18.1, FrA18.6, FrA23.1, FrM18.6, MoA04.1, MoM28.2, MoM28.5, ThM31.4, ThM32.3, ThP30.6, TuA15.2, TuA15.4, TuM15.1, TuM15.4, TuM15.5, TuM15.6, WeA12.5, WeM12.1, WeM12.2, WeM12.3, WeM12.4, WeM12.5, WeP13.1, WeP13.4, WeP13.5
Intensive and chronic care or treatmentFrM04.10, MoA20.1, ThA20.1, TuM20.3, TuP20.1, TuP20.4
Interaction between design and controlMoM19.2
International DevelopmentThA08.4
Internationalization of control education: EU credit-transfer systemThM19.3
Internet based teaching of control engineeringFrM20.1, ThP19.2, ThP19.5, ThP19.6, WeM33.10, WeM33.12, WeM33.15
Internet of thingsMoA05.2, MoA05.5, ThA26.4, TuP01.11
Internet-of-ThingsFrA26.3, ThM08.4, ThP06.2, ThP08.4
Interoperability and sustainable enterpriseMoM01.1, ThM06.1, ThM06.5, ThP06.3, ThP06.4
Interoperability requirementsThA06.1
Intrastructure (including energy, telecoms, political, physical etc.)WeA01.5
Iterative learning controlMoM16.5, MoP16.1, MoP16.2, MoP16.4, MoP16.5, WeA02.13
Iterative modelling and control designMoA16.6, MoM16.2, MoM16.5, MoP16.5, ThA12.4, TuP16.2
Job and activity schedulingFrA02.3, FrA02.5, FrA02.8, MoA26.4, MoM26.1, MoP26.1, MoP26.3, TuM06.4, TuM06.5, TuP26.1, TuP26.5, TuP26.6, WeA26.3, WeA26.6, WeM26.2, WeP26.6
Kalman filtering techniques in automotive controlFrA23.1, FrA23.3, FrA23.4, FrA23.5, MoA23.3, MoA23.4, MoM23.3, MoM23.4, MoM23.6, MoP23.2, MoP23.3, ThP31.2, TuA02.11, TuM02.5, TuP02.12
Kalman filtering techniques in marine systems controlMoA27.1, MoA27.3, MoM27.4, ThP25.3, ThP25.4, ThP25.5, TuA03.11
Kinetic modeling and control of biological systemsFrA20.1, MoA20.2, ThA18.2, ThP01.12, TuP20.5, WeA18.6, WeP18.2
Knowledge modelling and knowledge based systemsFrM25.2, MoM03.8, TuA20.3, WeM25.5
Knowledge SocietyThA08.4
Knowledge-based controlThA26.1, ThP09.2, ThP09.5, TuP01.1
Konwledge discover (data mining)FrA17.5, ThM26.4, ThP06.6, TuP06.1, WeM26.3
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian systemsMoA11.4, MoA11.5, ThP07.6, TuA01.6, TuM10.5, TuM23.2, TuP09.4, WeM04.10, WeM04.12, WeP10.3, WeP10.6
Large scale optimization problemsFrA09.2, FrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrA09.5, FrA11.6, MoP06.1, MoP06.5, ThA04.11, ThM03.13, ThM11.2, ThM15.3, ThM15.4, ThM22.6, ThP10.6, ThP11.4, TuM04.6, WeA09.4, WeM02.7, WeM04.8, WeM09.1, WeM09.2, WeM09.3, WeM09.4, WeM09.5, WeM09.6, WeM21.5, WeP21.4
Large Scale Systems EffectsThA01.2, WeP01.6
Learning and adaptation in autonomous vehiclesFrA23.5, MoM28.1, MoM28.2, MoM28.3, MoM28.4, MoM28.5, TuM28.1
Learning theoryMoM05.2, ThP12.2, TuA04.10, TuP05.3, WeP12.4
Life cycle analysis/assessmentThP05.3, ThP05.4
Life-cycle controlThP08.3, ThP26.6, WeA26.5
Linear multivariable systemsFrA14.5, FrA15.3, FrM14.6, FrM15.1, MoM14.1, MoM14.4, MoM15.5, MoM15.6, MoP14.1, MoP14.4, ThA15.4, ThA15.6, ThM11.1, TuA01.4, TuA01.5, TuA01.7, TuA01.8, TuA01.11, TuA01.13, TuA06.1, TuA21.3, TuP13.4, TuP13.6, WeA14.2, WeA21.3, WeP02.9, WeP21.1
Linear parameter-varying systemsMoM06.1, MoM06.4, MoP06.6, ThM01.5, ThM01.6, ThM01.8, ThM01.9, ThM01.11, ThM01.12, ThM01.13, ThM01.15, ThM11.6, TuA10.3, TuP10.4, WeA15.1, WeA15.2, WeM03.9, WeM15.2, WeM15.3, WeM15.4, WeM15.6, WeP15.1, WeP15.2, WeP15.3, WeP15.5, WeP15.6
Linear parametrically varying (LPV) methodologiesFrM07.3, MoA16.4, MoP08.4, TuA03.12, TuA08.4, TuA24.3, TuM05.1, TuM16.5, TuM24.1, TuM24.6, TuP16.6, WeA15.5, WeM07.4, WeP04.4
Linear systemsFrA14.1, FrA14.5, FrA15.4, FrM15.6, MoA06.6, MoA13.1, MoA13.2, MoA13.3, MoA13.5, MoA13.6, MoA15.3, MoA15.4, MoA15.5, MoA15.6, MoA21.1, MoA21.3, MoM02.1, MoM02.2, MoM02.4, MoM02.7, MoM02.8, MoM02.10, MoM02.14, MoM09.3, MoM14.1, MoM14.2, MoM14.5, MoM14.6, MoM15.1, MoM15.3, MoM15.4, MoM21.2, MoM21.5, MoP11.6, MoP14.2, MoP14.3, MoP14.4, MoP14.6, MoP15.2, ThA03.6, ThA03.10, ThA04.2, ThA15.5, ThA15.6, ThM09.3, ThP11.1, ThP15.1, ThP15.3, TuA01.1, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.6, TuA01.12, TuA13.1, TuA21.1, TuA23.6, TuM09.6, TuP09.5, TuP10.3, TuP10.5, TuP10.6, TuP13.3, TuP14.3, WeA11.1, WeA11.4, WeA14.3, WeA15.1, WeA21.4, WeM02.4, WeM02.5, WeM02.11, WeM04.6, WeM11.4, WeM14.1, WeM14.3, WeM14.5, WeP09.4, WeP09.5, WeP14.6
LocalizationFrM28.5, MoA04.1, MoP28.4, WeA28.2
Logical design, physical design, and implementation of embedded computer systemsThA26.5, ThA26.6, TuP01.2, TuP01.3, TuP27.6
Logistics in manufacturingFrA02.7, MoA26.1, MoA26.5, ThP06.2, TuA26.2, TuM06.1, TuM06.2, TuM06.6, TuM26.4, TuP26.1, TuP26.2, TuP26.3, WeM26.1
Low cost technologiesFrM20.3, FrM33.10, WeA01.3
Lyapunov methodsFrA10.2, FrA10.3, FrA10.4, FrA10.5, FrM11.1, FrM33.6, MoA10.1, MoA11.1, MoM04.2, MoM04.5, MoM04.7, MoM04.8, MoM06.5, MoM10.1, MoM10.2, MoM10.3, MoM10.4, MoM10.5, MoM10.6, MoM11.2, MoP04.2, MoP04.14, MoP06.4, MoP10.3, MoP10.4, ThA04.10, ThA04.12, ThA10.2, ThM01.5, ThM01.6, ThM03.5, ThM03.12, ThM04.9, ThM10.5, ThM14.1, ThM14.3, ThM14.4, ThM14.5, ThP15.5, Tu21.1, TuA06.3, TuA11.1, TuA11.2, TuA11.3, TuA11.4, TuA11.5, TuA11.6, TuM10.4, TuM13.1, TuM13.2, TuM13.3, TuM21.6, TuP04.8, TuP15.4, TuP21.6, WeA03.1, WeA04.8, WeA04.11, WeA04.12, WeA04.14, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.4, WeA10.5, WeA11.3, WeA11.5, WeA11.6, WeA21.4, WeM03.1, WeM03.2, WeM03.3, WeM03.6, WeM03.7, WeM03.13, WeM04.2, WeM04.8, WeM04.10, WeM10.4, WeM10.5, WeP10.2, WeP10.3, WeP15.1, WeP15.2
Machine learning in business and economyThP22.4
Machine learninig for environmental applicationsMoP17.6
Maintenance models and servicesFrA06.5, FrM06.6, MoM01.4, ThP26.1, ThP26.4, ThP26.6, WeM26.4
Maintenance scheduling and production planningThM21.5, ThM28.2, ThM28.3
Mammalian, insect and plant cell technologyThP01.7
Man-in-the-loop systemsWeA05.4
Man-machine interface in transportationFrA18.2, FrM18.3, ThM32.3
Man-machine interfacesMoA23.5, ThA25.2, ThM32.1, ThM32.2, ThM32.5
Man-machine systems in agricultureTuM18.5
Management of competences and knowledgeThP08.1
Management of technology developmentsThP08.1, WeP01.6
Manufacturing automation over networksFrM06.5, FrM26.2, MoM01.4
Manufacturing plant controlFrA17.3, FrA26.6, FrM17.1, FrM17.5, FrM26.1, FrM26.2, MoM01.1, MoM01.2, MoM01.3, MoM26.4, Tu2T1.1, WeP26.1
Map buildingMoA04.1, MoA27.4, MoP28.2, ThM25.4, ThP31.1
Marine system identification and modellingMoM27.3, MoM27.6
Marine system navigation, guidance and controlMoA27.3, MoA27.4, MoA27.5, MoA27.6, MoM27.1, MoM27.4, MoM27.5, ThA25.1, ThM25.1, ThM25.2, ThP25.1, ThP25.2, ThP25.3, ThP25.4
Max-plus algebraMoM13.2, ThP18.5, ThP18.6, TuM33.13, TuP24.2, WeP03.9
Measurement and instrumentationMoA28.3, MoA28.4, WeP27.2, WeP28.1
Mechanical and aerospace estimationMoA07.3, MoA07.4, MoA07.5, MoM16.6, ThP03.5, ThP03.6, TuA03.7, TuA28.3
Mechanical design of autonomous vehiclesThA25.1, ThA25.4
Mechatronic systemsFrM33.4, MoA17.3, MoA17.6, MoA18.1, MoM25.4, MoM33.1, MoM33.3, MoP18.1, MoP18.5, MoP25.6, ThA16.1, ThA16.2, ThA16.4, ThA17.2, ThM16.1, ThM17.4, ThP02.8, TuA17.1, TuA18.4, TuA18.5, TuA18.6, TuA25.5, TuM03.6, TuM03.9, TuM03.10, TuP03.3, TuP03.10, TuP03.11, TuP03.12, TuP25.3, WeA16.1, WeA16.2, WeA16.5, WeA16.6, WeA17.3, WeA17.5, WeM16.1, WeM16.4, WeM16.6, WeM17.3, WeP16.3, WeP16.5, WeP16.6, WeP17.2
Mechatronics for Mobility SystemsWeA16.4
Medical imaging and processingFrM03.4, FrM04.7, FrM04.9, FrM33.7, TuA20.6, WeM20.2, WeP20.2, WeP20.3, WeP20.6
Metabolic engineeringThM28.5, WeP18.5
Methodologies and tools for analysis of complexityFrA06.1, FrA06.3, FrA17.1, ThM26.1, ThM26.2, ThM26.4, WeA06.4, WeP06.2, WeP06.5
Methods based on neural networks and/or fuzzy logic for FDIFrM21.2
Micro and Nano Mechatronic SystemsFrM16.2, FrM16.3, FrM16.4, FrM16.5, FrM16.6, FrM33.9, MoM33.4, MoP18.2, MoP18.6, ThA17.1, ThA17.3, ThA17.4, WeA17.2, WeA17.4, WeA17.5, WeM16.4, WeM16.5, WeM16.6
Micro-nano-aerospace vehicles/satellitesThM05.3, ThM05.5, WeM05.1, WeP05.1, WeP05.6
Microbial technologyThA18.2, WeM18.2, WeP18.1, WeP18.5
Microsystems: nano- and micro-technologiesFrM16.1, FrM33.9, MoA18.5, MoM33.4, MoP18.2, MoP18.3, MoP18.6, ThA17.4, WeA17.1
Mission control and operationsFrA28.4, WeA05.4
Mission planning and decision makingFrA28.4, FrA28.5, MoP28.1, MoP28.3, MoP28.5, ThP31.4
Mobile robotsFrM33.9, MoA17.6, MoA25.2, MoA25.5, MoM17.1, MoM18.2, MoM18.4, MoM25.1, MoM25.2, MoM33.1, MoM33.8, ThA02.1, ThA02.3, ThA02.10, ThA25.6, ThM02.3, ThM02.7, ThM02.11, ThM02.12, ThM02.14, ThM04.12, ThP02.3, ThP02.5, ThP02.12, ThP02.13, TuA17.4, TuA25.1, TuA25.4, TuM25.1, TuM25.3, TuP25.3, TuP25.6, WeA16.3, WeA25.2, WeA25.3, WeA25.6, WeM17.6, WeM25.4, WeM25.5, WeP17.6
Model following controlMoP14.1, ThM01.1
Model formulation, experiment designFrA20.5, FrM03.5, FrM04.3, ThA18.6, ThA20.4, ThA20.6, ThM20.1, ThM20.6, ThP20.3, TuP20.3, WeM18.3, WeP20.5
Model predictive and optimization-based controlFrA19.1, FrM27.1, FrM27.2, FrM27.3, FrM27.4, FrM27.5, MoA01.6, MoA01.11, MoA02.4, MoA02.6, MoA28.1, MoA28.2, MoM19.4, MoP22.2, MoP27.1, MoP27.3, MoP27.4, MoP27.5, MoP27.6, ThA14.3, ThA14.5, ThA22.2, ThA27.1, ThA27.5, ThM10.1, ThM10.2, ThM27.3, ThM27.5, ThM27.6, ThP13.5, ThP27.2, ThP27.4, ThP27.6, TuA14.2, TuA14.6, TuA22.6, TuA27.1, TuA27.2, TuA27.4, TuM27.1, TuM27.4, TuM27.5, WeM27.1, WeM27.2, WeM27.3, WeM27.4, WeM27.6, WeP19.2, WeP22.5, WeP27.1, WeP28.4
Model predictive control for distributed parameter systemsTuA13.6, TuP21.6
Model predictive control of hybrid systemsFrM24.6, MoP03.7, WeP04.2, WeP04.4
Model predictive control of water resources systemsMoP17.2, TuM17.1, TuM17.5, TuM18.1, TuP17.1, TuP17.2, TuP17.5, TuP17.6
Model reductionMoP04.7, ThP23.3, TuP10.1, TuP10.2, TuP10.3, TuP10.4, TuP10.5, TuP10.6, WeM04.6
Model reduction and dynamic emulationThP01.10, TuP18.4, WeA18.6
Model reduction of distributed parameter systemsThA23.6, ThM23.6, TuP23.6, WeA03.9, WeA03.11
Model reference adaptive controlThP04.8, TuA16.3, TuM16.3, TuP16.4, WeA02.3, WeA02.10, WeA02.11
Model validationMoA13.3, MoP04.3, ThA04.9, ThP15.4, WeA11.2
Model-driven systems engineeringFrA17.5, ThA06.2, ThA06.4, ThM26.2, ThP08.5, TuA26.4, TuM26.2, WeA06.1, WeA06.3, WeA06.4, WeA06.6, WeM26.3
ModelingFrA16.3, FrM16.1, FrM16.4, MoA17.2, MoA18.5, MoM25.5, MoM33.3, MoP18.4, ThA02.2, ThA16.4, ThA17.3, ThM02.4, ThP02.1, ThP16.1, ThP17.3, ThP25.6, Tu11.1, TuA17.6, TuA18.1, TuA18.4, TuA18.5, TuA18.6, TuM03.2, TuM03.7, TuM03.9, TuM25.5, TuP03.1, TuP03.12, WeA16.3, WeA16.5, WeA17.4, WeM16.1, WeM16.2, WeM16.3, WeM16.5, WeM17.4, WeM25.3, WeP16.1, WeP16.3, WeP16.5, WeP17.3
Modeling and control of agricultureTuM18.1, TuM18.2, TuP18.2
Modeling and identificationFrA20.6, FrM03.3, FrM04.10, ThA18.3, ThA18.4, ThA18.5, ThM18.5, ThM20.4, ThM20.5, ThM28.5, ThP01.2, ThP01.4, ThP01.7, ThP01.8, ThP01.9, ThP01.10, ThP05.4, ThP05.6, ThP20.2, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, TuM17.3, TuP18.4, WeM20.3, WeP18.3, WeP18.4, WeP20.4
Modeling and identification of environmental systemsFrM03.10, TuA05.4, TuA05.6, TuP17.4, WeA18.4, WeA18.5, WeM18.1
Modeling and simulation of power systemsFrA01.5, FrA19.2, FrA22.2, FrA22.3, FrA22.4, FrA22.5, FrA22.6, FrM19.1, FrM19.3, FrM19.4, FrM19.5, FrM22.1, FrM22.2, FrM22.3, FrM22.4, FrM22.6, MoA01.3, MoA01.6, MoA01.10, MoA01.12, MoA02.3, MoA02.5, MoA02.6, MoA02.7, MoA02.8, MoA02.9, MoA02.12, MoA03.1, MoA03.4, MoA03.9, MoA03.11, MoA03.13, MoM19.1, MoM19.3, MoM19.4, MoM19.5, MoM22.2, MoM22.5, MoP19.1, MoP19.3, MoP22.1, MoP22.6, ThA19.1, ThA19.5, ThA22.3, ThA22.6, ThM13.3, ThM13.5, TuA14.2, TuA19.4, TuA19.5, TuA19.6, TuA22.4, TuM19.3, TuM19.6, TuM22.3, TuP19.4, TuP19.5, WeA19.2, WeA22.2, WeA22.3, WeM19.5, WeM22.1, WeP19.1, WeP19.3, WeP19.5, WeP19.6
Modeling and simulation of transportation systemsFrA18.2, FrA18.3, FrA18.4, FrA18.5, FrM18.1, FrM18.2, FrM18.3, FrM18.4, FrM18.6, FrM28.4, MoA23.6, MoP23.5, ThM05.1, ThP31.5, TuA15.1, TuA15.3, TuA15.4, TuM15.1, TuM15.2, TuM15.3, TuM15.4, TuM15.5, TuM15.6, WeA12.4, WeA12.5, WeA12.6, WeM12.4, WeM12.5, WeM12.6, WeP13.1, WeP13.4, WeP13.5
Modeling for control optimizationFrM09.6, FrM27.6, MoA26.6, MoM09.1, MoM09.6, MoP09.5, MoP21.2, ThA04.9, ThA09.4, ThM23.6, ThP14.5, ThP15.2, TuA09.2, TuM04.2, TuP04.4, WeA09.1, WeA09.2, WeA09.3, WeA09.4, WeA09.5, WeA09.6, WeA21.6, WeM03.10
Modeling of assembly unitsFrA02.1, FrA06.6, FrA17.4, MoA26.3, MoM01.5, MoM01.6, MoM01.7, MoM26.1, TuM26.2, TuM26.4, TuP26.5
Modeling of HMSFrA25.1, FrA25.4, FrM25.1, FrM25.3, FrM25.6, MoM03.10, MoM03.11
Modeling of human performanceFrA25.1, FrM25.2, FrM25.3, FrM25.4, FrM25.6, MoM03.4, ThM17.6
Modeling of manufacturing operationsFrA02.1, FrA02.3, FrA02.7, FrA06.6, FrA17.3, MoA26.2, MoA26.3, MoA26.4, MoA26.5, MoM26.1, MoM26.6, ThP26.4, TuA26.6, TuM06.2, TuM06.3, TuP06.4, TuP26.6, WeA26.6, WeM26.2
Modeling, supervision, control and diagnosis of automotive systemsFrA23.2, MoA23.1, MoA23.2, MoM23.2, MoP23.4, ThA21.1, ThA21.3, ThA21.5, ThM32.6, ThM32.7, ThM32.11, ThP30.3, ThP31.2, ThP31.6, TuA02.4, TuA02.6, TuA02.8, TuM02.1, TuM02.2, TuM02.3, TuM02.4, TuM02.5, TuM02.11, TuP02.5, TuP02.7, TuP02.10, TuP28.3, WeA23.5, WeA23.6, WeM23.1, WeM23.5, WeM23.6, WeM28.2
Modelling and control of hybrid and discrete event systemsFr11.1, ThA06.4, TuA26.3, TuP06.5, WeA26.4
Modelling and control under changeMoP17.4, MoP17.6, ThP05.6, TuM17.1, TuM17.2, TuM17.4, TuP17.3, TuP17.6, WeA18.5
Modelling and decision making in complex systemsFrA02.8, FrA06.3, FrA06.5, FrA17.1, FrM17.3, MoM01.5, MoP26.4, ThM26.2, TuA26.5, TuA26.6, TuM06.6, TuM26.1, TuP06.4, WeA06.2, WeA06.3, WeA06.5, WeA06.6, WeA26.2, WeA26.4, WeM06.3, WeM06.5, WeP06.2, WeP06.3, WeP26.2, WeP26.4, WeP26.5
Modelling Social and Environmental ChangeThA08.5, ThP22.5, TuP11.1, TuP11.4
MonitoringThA20.1, TuA05.1, TuA20.5
Monitoring and control of spatially distributed systemsWeP06.4, WeP26.6
Monitoring and performance assessmentFrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA01.4, FrA01.5, FrA01.9, FrA01.10, FrA01.11, ThP13.1, TuM04.11, TuM19.1, WeA27.1, WeA27.2, WeA27.4, WeA27.5, WeA27.6
Monitoring of product quality and control performanceFrA01.2, FrA01.3, FrA27.5, MoA28.2, MoA28.4, ThA28.4, ThA28.5, ThP28.3
Motion controlFrM28.1, FrM28.4, MoA04.8, MoA04.10, MoA27.6, ThA05.2, ThM30.3, ThM31.4, TuM28.3, TuM28.4, TuM28.5, TuP28.6, WeM28.2, WeM28.4
Motion Control SystemsFrA16.1, FrA16.2, FrM16.3, FrM16.5, FrM16.6, MoA17.1, MoA17.2, MoA17.3, MoA17.4, MoA17.5, MoA17.6, MoA25.3, MoM17.1, MoM17.2, MoM17.3, MoM17.4, MoM17.5, MoM17.6, MoM25.3, MoM25.5, MoM33.1, MoM33.9, MoP25.2, ThA02.10, ThA16.1, ThA16.2, ThA16.3, ThA16.5, ThA16.6, ThA17.1, ThA17.4, ThA17.5, ThM02.6, ThM02.13, ThM16.1, ThM16.3, ThM16.4, ThM16.5, ThM16.6, ThM17.2, ThM17.3, ThM17.5, ThP02.9, ThP16.2, ThP17.1, TuA17.1, TuA17.2, TuA17.3, TuA17.4, TuA17.5, TuA17.6, TuM03.1, TuM03.3, TuM03.4, TuM25.2, TuM25.4, TuM25.6, TuP03.2, TuP03.3, TuP03.4, TuP03.5, TuP03.7, TuP03.10, TuP03.11, TuP03.12, TuP25.2, WeA16.2, WeA16.6, WeA17.1, WeA17.2, WeA17.3, WeA17.5, WeM16.4, WeM16.6, WeM17.1, WeM17.2, WeM17.3, WeM17.4, WeM17.6, WeP16.5, WeP17.1, WeP17.2, WeP17.3, WeP17.6, WeP25.1, WeP25.5
Motion planning for distributed parameter systemsTuP23.1, TuP23.2, TuP23.4, TuP23.6
Multi sensor systemsFrM29.4, MoA25.4, MoM18.3, MoM18.6, MoM25.1, MoM25.4, ThA02.13, ThM02.10, ThM16.1, ThP02.11, ThP16.6, ThP17.6, WeA25.1, WeA25.2, WeA25.3, WeP25.6
Multi-agent systemsFrA04.13, FrA08.1, FrA08.2, FrA08.3, FrA08.4, FrA08.5, FrA12.1, FrA12.3, FrA12.4, FrM08.5, FrM12.2, FrM12.3, FrM12.4, FrM12.5, FrM12.6, FrM24.1, FrM24.3, FrM24.4, MoA12.1, MoA12.2, MoA12.3, MoA12.4, MoA12.5, MoA12.6, MoM05.6, MoM12.1, MoM12.2, MoM12.3, MoM12.5, MoM12.6, MoM16.6, MoP01.1, MoP01.2, MoP01.3, MoP01.4, MoP01.5, MoP01.6, MoP01.7, MoP01.8, MoP01.10, MoP01.11, MoP01.12, MoP01.13, MoP01.14, MoP02.1, MoP02.2, MoP02.3, MoP02.7, MoP02.8, MoP02.9, MoP02.10, MoP02.11, MoP02.13, MoP03.7, ThA07.2, ThA12.5, ThA12.6, ThM12.1, ThM12.2, ThM12.3, ThM12.4, ThM12.5, ThM12.6, ThP12.1, ThP12.2, ThP12.5, TuM05.5, TuM12.1, TuM12.3, WeA02.8, WeA08.1, WeM08.1, WeM24.1, WeP03.10, WeP04.5, WeP04.8, WeP08.2, WeP08.3, WeP08.4, WeP08.5, WeP08.6, WeP12.2, WeP12.5, WeP12.6, WeP24.4
Multi-agent systems applied to industrial systemsFrA06.6, FrM26.4, MoM26.3
Multi-cultural interactionThA08.5, TuM11.4
Multi-modal interactionMoM03.3
Multi-vehicle systemsFrA18.6, FrA28.1, FrA28.2, FrA28.3, FrA28.4, FrA28.5, FrA28.6, FrM28.6, MoA04.10, MoM28.4, MoP28.5, ThM32.8, ThM32.10, TuA15.2, TuM28.3, TuM28.6, TuP28.4, WeA12.2, WeA28.2, WeA28.3, WeA28.5, WeA28.6, WeM12.2, WeP05.2, WeP13.2
Multiagent systemsFrA06.1, FrA06.2, FrA17.6, FrM17.3, MoM26.5, ThA06.6, TuP06.6, WeM06.1, WeM06.2, WeM06.3, WeM06.6, WeP06.1, WeP06.3, WeP06.5, WeP06.6
N-dimensional systemsFrM15.6, MoM15.1, MoM15.2, MoM15.3, MoM15.4, MoM15.5, MoM15.6
Natural and environmental systemsMoP17.1, ThP01.1, WeA18.2
Natural resources managementWeA18.4
NavigationMoA04.12, WeM12.1
Navigation, Guidance and ControlFrA28.6, FrM28.1, FrM28.2, FrM28.3, FrM28.5, MoM28.3, MoP28.4, ThA05.1, ThA05.4, ThM32.8, TuM28.2, TuP28.5, WeM05.4
Networked embedded control systemsMoP03.13, TuM33.8, TuP12.2, TuP12.6, WeM24.2, WeM24.4, WeP24.1
Networked robotic system modeling and controlMoA18.4, MoM03.3, MoP25.2, MoP25.5, ThM02.2, ThM02.11, ThM04.12, TuP25.6, WeA25.4, WeA25.6, WeM17.5, WeM25.4, WeP25.4
Networked robotic systemsFrM12.4, FrM12.5, FrM24.1, FrM24.4, MoP01.10, MoP03.11, TuM33.6
Networked systemsFrA09.3, FrA09.4, FrA09.6, FrM09.3, FrM11.1, Mo2T1.1, MoM02.3, MoM10.5, MoM10.6, MoP10.6, ThA03.2, ThM15.2, ThP23.3, TuA11.5, TuM09.2, WeA10.6, WeM04.5, WeM04.6, WeM04.7, WeM04.8, WeM09.5, WeM21.1
Networks of robots and intelligent sensorsThM05.6
Networks of sensors and actuatorsMoA18.4, MoM03.3
Neural fuzzy modelling and controlFrA27.2, FrA27.4
Neural networksTuA02.8, TuA15.6
Neural networks in process controlFrA27.2, FrA27.4, ThA22.2
Non-smooth and discontinuous optimal control problemsFrM09.4, MoA09.3, MoA09.5, MoM02.12, MoP06.2, MoP09.3, MoP09.5, ThP11.4, TuM04.1, TuP04.7, TuP04.8, TuP15.2
Nonlinear adaptive controlFrM07.6, MoA16.2, MoA16.3, MoM05.5, MoM12.4, MoM16.3, MoP12.3, TuA16.1, TuP16.3, WeA02.1, WeA02.5, WeA02.6, WeA02.7, WeA02.10
Nonlinear and optimal automotive controlMoA04.7, MoA23.4, MoA23.6, MoM23.1, MoM28.6, MoP23.4, MoP23.6, ThA21.3, ThM30.4, ThM31.1, ThM31.3, ThM32.11, TuA02.2, TuA02.5, TuA02.7, TuM02.8, TuM02.9, TuM02.12, TuP02.1, TuP02.3, TuP02.9, TuP02.11, WeA23.3, WeA23.5, WeM23.2, WeM23.3, WeM23.4, WeM23.5, WeP23.1, WeP23.2, WeP23.5, WeP23.6
Nonlinear and optimal marine system controlThM25.1, ThM25.6
Nonlinear cooperative controlFrM09.5, ThM15.1, TuM04.6, WeM04.1, WeM21.2, WeP11.6
Nonlinear model reductionThP27.1, WeP27.5
Nonlinear observers and filter designFrM11.2, FrM11.3, FrM11.4, FrM11.5, FrM11.6, MoM04.6, MoM04.7, MoM04.8, MoM04.9, MoM04.10, MoM04.11, MoM11.1, MoM11.2, MoM11.6, MoM21.6, MoP04.12, MoP06.3, MoP06.4, MoP10.1, MoP10.2, MoP10.3, MoP10.4, MoP10.5, MoP10.6, MoP11.3, MoP21.4, MoP21.5, ThM03.8, ThM04.9, TuM10.5, TuP16.1, WeA04.1, WeM03.2
Nonlinear predictive controlFrA11.2, FrM10.1, MoA10.1, MoA10.2, MoA10.4, MoA10.5, MoA10.6, ThA09.1, ThA11.3, ThM04.4, ThM11.4, ThM11.5, ThM15.1, ThP11.3, ThP11.5, ThP11.6, WeA04.6, WeA04.7, WeA04.8, WeA04.9, WeA09.3, WeA21.2
Nonlinear process controlFrA19.4, FrM27.3, FrM27.4, MoM19.4, ThA22.4, ThA27.1, ThA27.2, ThM27.3, ThP27.3, TuA14.4, TuM27.6, WeM27.1, WeM27.4, WeM27.5, WeP27.3
Nonlinear system identificationFrA03.1, FrA03.2, FrA03.3, FrA03.5, FrA03.7, FrA03.8, FrA03.9, FrA03.10, FrA03.11, FrA03.14, FrA04.3, FrA04.4, FrA04.8, FrM07.4, MoA07.5, MoA08.1, MoA08.2, MoA08.3, MoA08.4, MoA08.5, MoM07.2, MoM07.3, MoM07.4, MoM07.5, MoM07.6, MoM16.3, MoP07.1, ThP03.10, ThP03.11, ThP03.12, ThP04.13, TuA03.1, TuA04.10, TuA07.4, TuA24.3, TuM07.6, TuM16.5, WeA07.4, WeA07.6, WeM07.1, WeM07.2, WeM07.3, WeM07.4, WeM07.5, WeM07.6, WeP07.2
Nonparametric methodsFrA03.4, FrA03.9, FrA04.9, MoA08.2, MoA08.6, MoP03.12, MoP05.2, ThA07.1, ThA07.3, ThP03.13, ThP04.10, TuM12.2, TuP07.5, WeM07.1, WeM07.3, WeM07.5, WeP07.2
Observer based and parity space based methods for FDIFrA21.5, MoA24.1, MoA24.3, ThM21.3, ThP21.1, ThP21.3, TuM14.1
Observers for linear systemsMoA15.3, MoA21.2, MoM02.4, MoM11.4, MoM15.5, MoP02.7, MoP11.2, MoP15.6, ThA23.2, ThM01.12, ThM04.10, ThM04.11, ThP14.2, TuA01.1, TuA01.13, TuP14.1, TuP14.2, TuP14.3, TuP14.4, TuP14.5, TuP14.6, WeA04.2
Ontology-based models interoperabilityFrM26.5, ThM26.6, ThP08.3, ThP08.5
Optimal control in agricultureTuP18.1, TuP18.3
Optimal control of hybrid systemsFrA24.1, MoM24.1, MoM24.2, MoM24.3, MoM24.4, MoM24.5, MoM24.6, ThM07.5, TuA03.5, TuA04.6, WeA24.1
Optimal control theoryFrA11.4, FrM09.6, FrM10.6, FrM33.5, MoA06.3, MoA09.2, MoA09.3, MoA09.4, MoA09.5, MoA09.6, MoA13.4, MoA13.6, MoA21.3, MoA21.4, MoM04.13, MoM09.3, MoM09.4, MoM09.5, MoM09.6, MoM21.1, MoP09.1, MoP09.3, MoP09.6, MoP11.6, MoP14.5, ThA09.5, ThA09.6, ThA10.3, ThA23.4, ThM03.3, ThM09.2, ThM15.4, TuA01.10, TuA03.8, TuA09.1, TuA09.2, TuA09.3, TuA09.4, TuA09.5, TuA09.6, TuA10.3, TuM04.1, TuM04.2, TuM04.7, TuM04.8, TuM04.9, TuM04.10, TuM09.1, TuM09.2, TuM09.3, TuM09.4, TuM09.6, TuM13.3, TuP04.1, TuP04.2, TuP04.3, TuP04.7, TuP09.1, TuP09.2, TuP09.3, TuP09.4, TuP09.5, TuP09.6, TuP21.2, WeM02.6, WeM09.4, WeM21.4, WeP02.6, WeP02.7, WeP09.1, WeP09.4, WeP21.3, WeP21.5
Optimal operation and control of power systemsFrA19.1, FrA19.2, FrA22.1, FrM19.1, FrM19.3, FrM19.5, MoA01.4, MoA01.5, MoA01.8, MoA01.11, MoA02.2, MoA02.3, MoA02.4, MoA02.5, MoA02.6, MoA02.7, MoA02.12, MoA02.13, MoA03.1, MoA03.4, MoA03.7, MoA03.8, MoA03.11, MoA03.13, MoA03.14, MoM19.1, MoM19.3, MoM22.6, MoP19.3, MoP19.4, MoP19.6, MoP22.2, MoP22.3, MoP22.6, ThA19.6, ThA22.1, ThA22.6, ThA27.5, ThM13.3, ThM13.6, ThM27.6, ThP13.2, ThP13.4, ThP27.4, TuA14.2, TuA19.2, TuA19.3, TuA19.5, TuA22.6, TuM22.1, TuM22.2, TuP19.1, TuP22.2, TuP22.6, WeA19.5, WeA19.6, WeA22.1, WeM19.1, WeM19.3, WeM19.5, WeM22.3, WeP19.5, WeP22.5, WeP22.6
Optimal operation of water resources systemsMoP17.4, MoP17.5, ThP01.1, TuM17.4, TuM17.5, TuM17.6, WeA18.1, WeA18.2
Optimization and control of large-scale network systemsFrA06.2, MoM26.5, ThA06.6, ThM06.6, ThP06.5, TuP06.2, WeA26.1, WeM06.1, WeM06.3, WeM06.4, WeM06.5, WeP06.2, WeP06.3, WeP06.4, WeP06.6, WeP26.4
Output feedback controlFrM10.1, FrM10.3, FrM10.6, MoM09.4, MoM11.6, MoP04.8, MoP04.12, MoP09.3, MoP11.4, ThA23.3, ThM01.3, ThM03.6, ThM03.7, ThM04.11, ThM10.6, ThM23.3, ThM23.4, ThP10.1, ThP10.4, TuM10.6, TuM21.4, WeA04.3, WeM03.14, WeM04.1, WeM04.9, WeP10.5
Output feedback control (linear case)FrM14.5, FrM15.1, FrM15.2, FrM15.3, FrM15.4, FrM15.5, FrM15.6, MoM02.9, MoM02.10, MoM09.2, MoM15.3, ThA03.9, ThA15.1, ThA15.6, ThM09.5, ThM23.2, ThM23.5, ThP15.2, ThP15.3, TuP04.1, TuP21.3, WeM15.5, WeP14.2
Output regulationFrM10.2, MoA11.3, MoM06.2, ThA04.4, ThP10.1, WeA15.4, WeM02.6, WeM04.1, WeM04.3, WeM15.4, WeP02.2
Output regulation for distributed parameter systemsMoA14.2, MoP04.13, ThM14.2, TuA23.1, TuM23.1, WeM11.6
Parameter and state estimationMoM04.10, ThM18.3, ThM18.4, ThM20.4, ThP01.2, ThP01.4, ThP01.5, ThP01.6, ThP01.7, ThP01.11, ThP20.2, TuA05.2, TuA20.5, TuM17.3, WeM18.3, WeP18.3, WeP20.4
Parameter estimation based methods for FDIMoM33.5, MoP20.4, ThP21.3, TuA28.1, TuM14.1
Parameter-varying systemsFrM14.2, MoM04.14, MoM06.1, MoP09.4, ThM03.10, ThM04.1, ThM04.2, ThM04.4, WeA15.3, WeM03.1, WeM15.1, WeP11.1, WeP15.5
Parametric optimizationFrA15.6, FrM27.6, MoA21.5, MoP21.1, ThA04.10, ThA04.11, ThA11.6, ThM01.1, ThM04.3, TuA21.1, TuA21.3, TuA21.6, TuP15.3, WeA09.1, WeA14.2, WeM14.2, WeP14.4, WeP21.2, WeP21.4, WeP21.5, WeP21.6
Particle filtering/Monte Carlo methodsFrA03.11, MoA07.4, MoP07.3, MoP08.5, ThA12.5, ThP03.5, TuA04.5, WeA07.3
Passivity-based controlMoA11.2, MoA11.3, MoA11.4, MoA11.6, ThP10.5, TuM23.2, WeA03.8, WeP10.1, WeP10.2, WeP10.3, WeP10.4, WeP10.5, WeP10.6
Perception and sensingFrM29.3, FrM33.4, MoA18.3, MoA25.1, MoM33.8, ThA02.5, ThA02.12, ThA02.13, ThM02.12, ThP02.9, TuA25.2, TuP03.5, TuP25.1, WeP17.1, WeP25.2, WeP25.6
Perspectives of e-learning versus traditional learningThM19.1, ThP19.1
Petri netsMoM13.1, ThA24.5, ThA24.6, ThM24.4, ThP18.2, ThP18.5, ThP18.6, ThP24.2, ThP24.3, ThP24.4, TuM07.3, TuM33.4, TuM33.9, TuM33.13, TuP24.1, TuP24.6
Pharmaceutical processesThM18.5
Pharmacokinetics and drug deliveryFrM03.6, FrM03.8, FrM03.11, FrM04.5, MoA20.3, ThM20.3, ThP20.1, TuA20.4, TuP20.3, WeP18.2
Physiological ModelFrA20.4, FrM03.3, FrM03.6, FrM03.9, FrM04.4, FrM04.8, FrM04.10, FrM04.13, MoM20.3, ThA20.5, ThP20.1, ThP20.4, ThP20.5, TuA20.3, TuM20.2, TuM20.4, TuM20.5, TuM20.6, TuP20.2
Planning and management for participatory decision makingMoP17.5, ThP05.4
Plant factoriesTuP18.5
PolicyThA08.4, TuM11.3, TuP11.4
Polynomial methodsFrM15.4, MoA15.1, MoA15.5, MoA15.6, MoM02.11, MoM15.1, MoM15.2, MoM15.6, MoP14.1, MoP14.2, ThA15.2, ThM04.13, TuP04.2, TuP21.3, WeP02.9
Port Hamiltonian distributed parameter systemsMoA14.6, TuA13.6, TuM23.3, TuM23.6, TuP23.6, WeA03.9
Positioning SystemsFrA23.6, FrM28.5, MoA04.5, MoP28.2, MoP28.4
Positive systemsMoA13.5, MoM21.3, MoP15.1, MoP15.2, MoP15.3, MoP15.4, MoP15.5, MoP15.6, TuM01.10, WeA10.6, WeM02.4, WeP09.6, WeP14.6
Power systemsMoA10.4, MoM10.5, MoP04.4, MoP06.5, MoP21.2, ThA03.11, ThM04.6, ThP10.2, ThP10.3, WeA09.5, WeA09.6, WeA11.3, WeP02.1, WeP10.4, WeP11.4, WeP11.6
Power systems stabilityFrA22.3, FrA22.4, FrM22.6, MoA01.1, MoA01.2, MoA01.3, MoA01.12, MoA01.13, MoA01.14, MoA02.1, MoA02.10, MoA03.5, MoM22.3, ThA19.6, ThA22.1, TuA19.1, TuA19.4, TuM19.2, TuM19.3, TuM19.4, TuM19.5, TuM19.6, TuM22.4, TuP19.3, TuP19.5, TuP22.2, WeA19.2, WeA22.5, WeA22.6, WeM19.1, WeM19.6, WeP19.5, WeP22.2, WeP22.4
Precision farmingTuM18.4
Probabilistic robustnessMoA06.4, ThP10.6, TuA01.9, WeM11.5, WeP15.5
Procedures for process planningFrM17.4, MoA26.1, TuM06.4, TuM06.5, WeM26.5, WeP26.3, WeP26.5
Process controlMoA11.6, MoM01.10, MoM14.3, MoM21.4, MoP14.6, TuA21.4, WeA04.9, WeA14.1, WeA14.2, WeA14.3, WeA14.5, WeA14.6, WeM02.8, WeM21.1, WeP02.3
Process control applicationsFrA01.5, FrA01.6, FrA01.9, FrA01.12, FrM27.1, MoA28.2, MoM19.6, MoM33.2, MoP19.4, MoP27.1, MoP27.2, MoP27.5, ThA14.2, ThA14.4, ThA14.5, ThA14.6, ThA19.3, ThM18.6, ThM27.3, ThM27.4, ThP27.2, ThP27.5, WeA27.4, WeA27.5, WeM27.2, WeM27.3, WeP27.1
Process modeling and identificationFrA21.4, MoP27.5, ThA14.1, ThA14.2, ThA14.4, ThA27.1, ThA27.3, ThP27.1, ThP27.6, TuA14.4, WeA27.5, WeM27.1, WeM27.2, WeM27.6, WeP27.2, WeP27.5
Process observation and parameter estimationFrA21.4, MoA28.3, ThA28.4, ThM13.2, ThM13.4, ThP13.1, ThP28.4, TuA27.6, WeP27.3
Process optimisationFrA27.3, FrA27.4, FrA27.5, MoA02.13, MoA03.13, MoP19.4, ThA27.3, ThA27.4, ThA28.1, ThA28.2, ThM28.1, ThM28.3, ThP28.1, ThP28.2, ThP28.5, TuM27.2, TuM27.5, WeM27.4, WeP28.1
Process performance monitoring/statistical process controlFrA01.4, FrA21.1, FrA21.3, FrA21.4, FrM21.5, FrM22.5, FrM27.2, MoP20.1, MoP20.2, MoP20.3, ThP28.3, TuA28.5, TuM04.11, WeA27.4, WeP27.4
Process supervisionFrA02.2, FrA02.4, FrA17.2, FrA26.6, FrM17.2, FrM17.6, MoP26.1, ThP08.6, TuA26.1, TuM26.4
Production & logistics over manufacturing networkingFrA02.7, FrM06.5, MoM26.3, ThM06.4, ThM26.5, TuM06.1, TuP26.1, TuP26.4, WeM26.1
Production activity controlFrA02.1, FrA02.2, FrA17.2, FrM17.2, MoP26.2, MoP26.3, TuA26.1
Production planning and controlFrA02.3, FrA02.6, FrA17.2, FrM06.1, FrM17.1, FrM17.2, FrM17.3, FrM17.4, MoA26.1, MoA26.2, MoM01.7, MoM01.8, MoP26.1, MoP26.2, ThP06.6, ThP26.4, TuA26.6, TuM06.1, TuM06.2, TuM06.3, TuM26.1, TuM26.3, TuP06.1, TuP06.3, TuP26.4, TuP26.6, WeA26.3, WeA26.6, WeM26.1, WeM26.3, WeM26.6, WeP26.3, WeP26.4
Programmable logic controllersMoA05.6, TuP01.5, TuP27.6
Project ManagementWeA01.7, WeP01.10
Protocols and information communicationFrA02.2
Quality assurance and maintenanceFrA02.4, FrA26.3, FrM06.2, FrM17.6, ThP08.6, WeM26.4
Quantification of physiological parameters for diagnosis and treatment assessmentFrM03.5, MoA20.2, MoM20.1, MoM20.2, TuA20.6, TuM20.1, TuM20.3, TuP20.1
Quantitative feedback theoryMoA06.1
Quantized controlMoA06.2, ThA04.3, ThA04.4
Quantized systemsMoP03.5, MoP03.10, TuM12.4, TuM24.4, TuM33.4, WeA24.2, WeM07.6, WeP03.4, WeP03.10
Queueing systems and performance model                                       ThP07.5
Randomized algorithmsMo2T1.1, TuA01.9, WeM02.10
Randomized methodsMoM05.3, MoM12.2, MoP01.3, MoP05.3, MoP05.4, TuA04.3, TuM05.5, TuP12.1, WeP08.1
Reachability analysis, verification and abstraction of hybrid systemsFrA24.6, FrM24.2, FrM24.3, FrM24.4, FrM24.5, MoM24.2, MoP01.2, ThA12.6, TuA24.1, WeA24.3, WeP03.1, WeP03.2, WeP03.3, WeP03.4, WeP03.5, WeP03.6, WeP04.9, WeP24.3
Real time control of environmental systemsMoP17.2, WeA18.3
Real time optimization and controlFrA01.1, FrA01.7, MoA02.11, MoP27.2, MoP27.4, ThA14.3, ThA19.2, ThA27.3, ThA27.4, ThA27.6, ThA28.2, ThP13.5, TuA22.5, TuA27.1, TuA27.2, TuA27.3, TuA27.4, TuA27.5, TuA27.6, TuM27.1, TuM27.2, TuM27.3, TuM27.4, TuM27.5, TuM27.6, WeM27.5
Real time simulation and dispatchingMoA01.10, MoA03.2, MoP19.3, ThA19.1, ThA19.4, ThA19.5, ThA19.6, TuA19.2, WeA19.4, WeM22.4, WeM22.6
Real-time algorithms, scheduling, and programmingMoA05.3, ThP09.2, ThP09.3, TuP01.2, TuP01.3, TuP01.4, TuP01.7, TuP01.9, TuP01.11, TuP01.12
Real-time controlFrA11.1, FrA11.3, FrA11.5, FrA11.6, FrM10.3, MoA09.1, MoA10.5, MoM04.13, MoP21.6, ThA09.2, ThA09.3, ThA09.4, ThA11.1, ThA11.4, ThA11.5, ThM04.8, ThM11.1, ThM11.3, ThM11.4, ThM11.5, ThP11.3, ThP11.5, ThP11.6, ThP23.1, TuA09.3, TuA10.2, TuM09.5, TuP09.1, WeP11.4
Realization theoryTuM05.2
Reconfigurable control, sensor and actuator faultsFrA21.6, FrM27.3, ThP21.4, TuA14.3, TuM14.6
Recursive identificationFrA03.10, FrA04.4, FrA04.5, FrA04.6, MoM07.4, MoM07.5, MoM08.3, MoP07.1, ThP03.9, ThP04.6, ThP04.11, TuA07.5, WeM07.5, WeP07.6
Regulation (linear case)FrA14.3, MoM14.2, MoM14.3, MoP14.5, MoP14.6, ThA15.1, TuA01.10, TuP21.5, WeA21.3
Rehabilitation engineering and healthcare deliveryFrM04.2, FrM04.12, WeM20.3, WeM20.4, WeM20.5, WeM20.6, WeP20.5
Reinforcement learning controlMoP12.6, TuA12.1, TuA12.2, TuA12.3, TuA12.4, TuA12.5, TuP27.1, TuP27.2, TuP27.3
Reliable measurement and actuationMoA18.2, MoM33.4, MoP18.1, MoP18.5, ThM02.5, ThP16.5, WeP17.4
Remote and distributed controlFrM33.3, MoA05.4, MoA05.5, MoA05.6, ThA26.3, ThP09.5, TuA12.1
Remote sensor data acquisitionThA26.3
Remote servicingMoA05.1, MoA05.3, MoA05.4
Renewable Energy System Modeling and IntegrationThA01.8, ThA01.12, WeM01.4, WeM01.8
RFId and ubiquitous manufacturingThP06.3
Risk analysis, impact evaluationMoP17.3, ThP05.5
Robot Navigation, Programming and VisionMoA04.12, MoM27.5, MoP28.2, MoP28.6, ThA05.1, ThA05.5, ThA25.2, ThM05.2
RoboticsThP13.5, TuM14.5
Robotics and mechatronics for agricultural automationTuP18.5
Robotics technologyFrA16.4, MoA17.4, MoM03.5, MoM17.3, MoM17.4, MoM17.5, MoM17.6, MoM18.1, MoM25.4, MoM33.7, MoP25.4, ThA02.9, ThM02.4, ThM02.8, ThM02.13, ThM16.3, ThM16.4, ThM16.5, ThP02.1, ThP02.3, ThP02.4, ThP02.8, ThP02.14, Tu11.1, TuA02.12, TuA25.1, TuA25.3, TuA25.5, TuM25.2, TuM25.3, TuP03.6, TuP25.1, TuP25.2, TuP25.4, WeA25.5, WeP16.1, WeP17.3, WeP17.5, WeP25.1
Robots manipulatorsFrA16.3, FrA16.4, FrA16.5, MoA17.1, MoA18.3, MoA25.3, MoM17.3, MoM25.6, MoM33.7, MoP18.4, MoP25.1, MoP25.5, MoP25.6, ThA02.7, ThM02.4, ThM02.8, ThM16.2, ThM17.3, ThP02.4, ThP02.7, ThP02.8, ThP02.10, ThP17.2, TuA18.3, TuA25.2, TuA25.3, TuM03.10, TuM25.4, TuM25.5, TuP03.1, TuP03.6, TuP03.13, TuP25.1, TuP25.4, TuP25.5, WeA25.4, WeM25.1, WeM25.2, WeP16.6, WeP17.2, WeP25.5
Robust adaptive controlFrA07.5, FrM07.2, FrM07.6, MoM16.1, MoP12.3, MoP16.3, TuA03.4, TuA16.1, TuA16.2, TuA16.6, TuM16.1, TuM16.2, TuP16.6
Robust controlFrM10.5, FrM14.4, MoM04.3, MoP04.14, ThA03.7, ThA10.5, ThA15.3, ThA23.3, ThM01.6, ThM01.10, ThM03.3, ThM03.9, ThM03.12, ThM04.2, ThM04.7, TuA06.1, TuA10.1, TuM04.10, TuP13.1, TuP13.3, TuP15.1, WeA04.4, WeA04.5, WeA04.7, WeA15.2, WeA15.3, WeA15.4, WeM03.9, WeM04.2, WeM04.4, WeM04.11, WeM10.2, WeP11.2, WeP11.3
Robust control (linear case)FrA11.3, FrA14.1, FrA14.2, FrA14.3, FrA14.4, FrA14.5, FrA14.6, FrA15.3, FrM14.3, FrM15.1, FrM15.2, FrM15.3, MoA15.4, MoA15.5, MoA15.6, MoM02.12, MoM06.3, MoP15.5, ThA04.6, ThA23.2, TuA06.2, TuP04.2, TuP13.4, TuP21.5, WeA03.6, WeP02.4, WeP09.5
Robust control applicationsFrA09.1, FrA14.2, FrA15.1, FrM15.2, MoA06.4, MoP06.2, MoP10.5, ThM01.7, ThM01.8, ThM01.10, ThM01.14, TuA06.5, TuA06.6, WeA04.4, WeM09.6, WeM11.2, WeM11.3, WeM15.3, WeP21.1
Robust controller synthesisFrA15.6, FrM14.1, FrM15.3, MoA21.5, MoM06.2, MoM06.3, MoM06.5, MoM06.6, MoP04.10, MoP06.2, MoP11.5, MoP21.3, ThM01.2, ThM01.9, ThM01.11, ThM09.3, ThP10.3, TuA01.2, TuA06.2, TuA06.5, WeP09.5
Robust estimationFrM11.6, MoM04.10, MoM11.1, MoM11.3, MoP06.1, MoP06.3, MoP06.4, MoP06.6, TuM01.10, TuP14.4, WeA15.6, WeM11.5, WeP15.6
Robust linear matrix inequalitiesMoA06.5, MoM06.4, MoM10.3, ThM01.2, ThM01.3, ThM01.5, ThM01.8, ThM01.10, ThM01.12, ThM03.8, TuA06.1, TuA06.3, TuP10.3, TuP14.5, TuP21.1, WeM04.11, WeM15.5
Robust neural and fuzzy controlMoA19.3, MoA19.6, MoP12.2, MoP12.4, MoP12.5
Robust time-delay systemsMoM02.5, MoM02.6, ThA23.5, WeA03.6, WeA14.6, WeP11.5
Robustness analysisFrA14.4, FrA15.1, Mo2T1.1, MoA06.2, MoA06.3, MoA06.5, MoA06.6, MoM10.1, MoM21.4, ThM01.1, TuA06.4, WeA04.3, WeA10.1, WeA15.1, WeM10.1, WeP02.5
SafetyFrM18.1, MoA04.11, ThA05.3, ThM30.1, ThM31.5, TuM28.4, TuP02.8, WeM12.6
Scheduling, coordination, optimizationMoP17.1, ThM18.2, ThM20.1, ThP01.3, ThP01.5, ThP01.11, WeA18.5, WeP18.1, WeP18.6
SecurityTuM11.1, WeA01.1
Security and safety of HMSMoM18.6, ThM16.2
Semigroup and operator theoryMoA14.6, ThM23.2, TuM23.3, TuM23.5
SensingMoA04.3, MoA04.5, ThP31.1
Sensing EnterpriseThM06.5, ThP08.4
Sensor integration and perceptionFrA23.6, FrA28.6, MoA04.3, MoP28.1, ThM25.4, ThP31.1
Sensor networksFrA04.13, FrA08.6, FrM24.6, MoA12.4, MoM07.1, MoP01.9, MoP02.4, MoP02.5, MoP03.10, MoP03.11, ThA12.2, ThP12.3, TuA03.14, TuA04.9, TuM07.5, WeA08.2, WeA08.4, WeA08.5, WeM08.4, WeM08.5, WeP08.1, WeP08.2, WeP08.3, WeP12.4
Sensor signal consolidationMoA18.2, MoP18.4
Sensors and actuatorsMoA18.6, ThA25.5, ThM05.6
Service Engineering ApplicationsTuM11.1, WeA01.6, WeM01.1
Shared control, cooperation and degree of automationFrA25.1, FrA25.2, FrA25.3, FrA25.4, FrA25.6, MoM03.7, MoM03.10, TuM25.6
Signal and identification-based methodsTuA28.2, WeA27.2
Signal processing for FDIFrA01.9, MoA24.1, ThP21.2, ThP21.6, TuA28.1
SimulationFrM18.1, FrM18.4, TuA02.2, TuA02.4, WeA12.6, WeM12.6
Simulation of stochastic systemsMoM24.5, MoP07.2, ThA24.2, ThM07.4, ThP03.3, TuA03.9, TuA04.3, TuA04.12, TuM12.2
Singularities in optimizationMoM09.1, TuP09.2
Sliding mode controlFrA14.3, FrM11.6, MoM10.4, MoM11.1, MoM11.2, MoM11.3, MoM11.4, MoM11.5, MoM11.6, MoP04.8, MoP04.9, MoP04.10, MoP04.11, MoP04.12, MoP04.13, MoP04.14, MoP11.5, MoP21.4, ThA10.1, ThM03.9, ThM04.6, ThM04.7, TuM10.1, TuM10.2, TuM10.3, TuM10.4, TuM10.5, TuM10.6, TuM21.1, WeA04.1, WeA04.2, WeA04.3, WeA04.4, WeA04.5, WeA09.5, WeM02.9, WeM11.2, WeM11.3, WeM11.4, WeM11.5, WeM11.6, WeM21.6, WeP11.1, WeP11.2, WeP11.3, WeP11.4, WeP11.5, WeP11.6
Smart gridsFrA01.8, FrA22.1, Mo21.1, MoA01.1, MoA01.2, MoA01.5, MoA01.9, MoA01.10, MoA01.12, MoA01.13, MoA01.14, MoA03.1, MoA03.2, MoA03.4, MoA03.6, MoA03.7, MoA03.8, MoA03.14, MoM22.3, MoM22.5, MoP22.1, MoP22.2, MoP22.3, MoP22.4, MoP22.5, MoP22.6, ThM27.1, ThM27.5, ThM27.6, TuA19.5, TuM19.1, TuM19.6, TuM22.2, TuM22.3, TuM22.5, TuM22.6, TuP19.1, TuP19.2, TuP19.3, TuP19.4, TuP19.6, TuP22.1, TuP22.2, TuP22.3, TuP22.4, TuP22.5, TuP22.6, WeA19.1, WeA19.4, WeA19.6, WeM19.6, WeM22.1, WeM22.2, WeM22.3, WeM22.5, WeM22.6, WeP22.1, WeP22.2, WeP22.3, WeP22.4, WeP22.6
Smart Sensors and ActuatorsMoA18.1, MoA18.3, TuM03.9
Smart StructuresFrA16.5, FrA16.6, MoA18.5, ThA17.6, ThP16.1, ThP16.3, WeA16.1
Social ManufacturingWeP01.2
Social NetworksFrA13.2, ThM08.2, ThP22.5
Socially desirable requirements for automation developmentThA01.5
Software for system identificationFrA04.7, FrA04.12, FrM33.2, MoA07.1, MoA08.5, MoM07.2, TuP07.4
Space exploration and transportationWeA05.1, WeA05.5, WeM05.3
Spacecraft servicingFrM33.3
Stability and stabilization of hybrid systemsFrA24.1, FrA24.2, FrA24.3, FrA24.4, FrA24.5, FrM07.5, FrM08.3, MoM05.5, MoP03.5, MoP03.14, MoP24.1, MoP24.2, MoP24.3, MoP24.4, MoP24.5, MoP24.6, TuA24.5, TuM08.5, TuM08.6, TuM33.2, TuP08.2, TuP08.6, WeA24.3, WeP04.3, WeP24.1, WeP24.5
Stability of delay systemsMoM02.5, MoP15.3, MoP15.4, ThM14.3, ThM14.6, ThP14.1, ThP14.6, ThP15.5, ThP23.6, WeA03.5, WeA03.6, WeM02.11
Stability of distributed parameter systemsFrA15.5, MoA14.1, MoA14.3, MoA14.5, MoM02.13, ThM14.1, ThM14.2, ThM14.5, TuA13.3, TuA13.4, TuA23.5, TuM23.3, TuM23.4, TuM23.6, TuP23.5, WeA03.1, WeA03.4, WeA03.8, WeM10.2
Stability of hybrid systemsMoM04.12, TuA11.4, TuA11.6, WeA04.2, WeA15.2
Stability of nonlinear systemsFrA10.3, FrM09.3, FrM10.5, FrM10.6, FrM14.4, FrM33.6, MoA11.2, MoA11.4, MoA11.6, MoM04.2, MoM04.11, MoM06.6, MoM10.2, MoM10.3, MoM10.4, MoP04.5, MoP10.6, MoP11.3, MoP21.5, ThA04.10, ThM03.1, ThM03.7, ThM10.3, ThM10.5, ThM10.6, ThM14.4, ThP15.4, Tu21.1, TuA11.1, TuA11.3, TuA11.4, TuA11.6, TuM10.4, TuM13.1, TuM13.2, TuM13.3, TuM21.5, TuM21.6, WeA04.8, WeA04.14, WeA10.1, WeA10.2, WeA10.3, WeA10.4, WeA10.6, WeA11.2, WeA11.3, WeA11.5, WeA11.6, WeM03.1, WeM03.3, WeM03.4, WeM03.5, WeM03.6, WeM03.7, WeM04.3, WeM10.1, WeM10.2, WeM10.3, WeM10.4, WeM10.5, WeM10.6, WeM14.6, WeP02.1
Static optimization problemsFrM09.3, ThA04.8, ThA09.4, TuP04.5, TuP21.4, WeM09.1, WeM09.2, WeM10.3
Statistical data analysisFrA03.12, MoP05.2, MoP05.5, MoP08.6, ThP03.6, TuA04.10, TuA04.11, TuA04.12, TuA04.13
Statistical methods/signal analysis for FDIFrA21.1, FrA21.5, FrM21.3, FrM21.5, MoA24.4, MoP20.1, MoP20.2, MoP20.3, ThP21.2, TuA28.1, TuA28.2, TuM04.11, WeA27.3
Stochastic control and game theoryMoM05.1, MoM05.2, MoM05.3, MoM05.4, MoM05.5, MoM05.6, MoP01.6, MoP03.1, MoP03.8, MoP05.1, MoP05.2, ThM07.4, ThM12.4, ThM12.6, TuA03.5, TuA03.8, TuA03.9, TuA03.12, TuA03.13, TuA04.1, TuA04.2, TuA04.6, TuA04.7, TuM05.3, TuP05.1, TuP05.2, TuP05.4, TuP05.5, TuP05.6, WeM24.5, WeP04.10, WeP12.3, WeP12.4, WeP12.5
Stochastic hybrid systemsFrA24.1, FrM24.2, MoM05.1, MoM24.4, MoM24.5, MoP13.2, ThM07.2, TuA03.5, TuA04.6, WeP04.4, WeP24.2, WeP24.3
Stochastic optimal control problemsFrM10.1, MoA10.2, ThM09.5, ThM09.6, ThM11.2, TuP04.3, TuP04.6, TuP09.3, TuP09.5, WeM04.4, WeM09.4, WeP09.6
Stochastic system identificationFrA03.11, MoM07.6, MoM08.5, MoP05.1, MoP05.4, MoP07.4, MoP07.5, MoP07.6, ThA07.6, ThP03.7, ThP07.5, TuA03.1
Structural analysis and residual evaluation methodsMoA24.5, MoP20.5, MoP20.6, ThM21.3, ThP21.1, ThP28.3
Structural propertiesFrM15.4, MoA13.4, MoA13.5, MoA15.1, MoA15.2, MoA21.6, ThA15.1, ThA15.2, ThA15.4, TuA01.3, TuP10.5, WeA14.4, WeM14.4, WeP02.6, WeP02.9, WeP02.10, WeP09.4, WeP21.5
Subspace methodsFrM07.4, MoP01.12, MoP05.5, ThP07.4, TuP07.6, WeA02.12, WeP07.1, WeP07.2, WeP07.3, WeP07.4, WeP07.5, WeP07.6
Sum-of-squaresFrA10.6, ThM04.13, TuA10.4, TuA11.3, TuP15.5
Supervisory control and automataMoM13.3, ThA24.3, ThA24.5, ThA24.6, ThM24.1, ThM24.2, ThM24.3, ThM24.4, ThM24.5, ThM24.6, ThP18.1, ThP18.3, ThP18.4, ThP24.1, ThP24.5, TuM07.4, TuM24.4, TuM33.1, TuM33.3, TuM33.5, TuM33.7, TuM33.10, TuM33.12, TuP24.4, WeP03.12
Supply LogisticsThM08.6, ThM22.1, TuM11.5, WeA01.8, WeA01.12, WeP01.1, WeP01.5, WeP01.6, WeP01.8, WeP01.11, WeP01.12
SustainabilityTuM11.2, WeP01.10
Switching controlFrA12.6, FrA24.2, MoA16.1, MoA16.5, MoA16.6, MoM24.6, MoP24.5, MoP24.6, ThA03.5, ThM07.5, ThP07.5, TuA24.5, TuP08.6, TuP16.3, WeA02.5
Switching stability and controlFrM33.5, MoM21.1, MoM21.2, MoM21.3, MoP11.1, MoP14.5, MoP15.1, MoP15.2, ThA03.6, ThA03.7, ThA03.11, ThM01.11, ThM03.1, ThP14.6, TuM01.10, TuP14.2
Synthesis of stochastic systemsMoP07.2, ThM07.6, TuA03.12, TuA04.8
System identification and adaptive control of distributed parameter systemsThA23.6, TuP21.4, WeA03.3
System integration and supervisionMoM23.1, ThP31.3, WeA23.6, WeP05.5
Systems biologyFrM33.1, MoA09.2, MoP10.2, MoP10.4, ThM03.8, TuA21.6, WeA03.3, WeM02.3, WeP21.3
Systems interoperabilityFrM26.5, MoP26.2, ThA06.1, ThM26.6, ThP06.4
Systems TheoryFrM20.5, ThA01.2, ThA01.14, TuM01.3, TuM01.5, TuM01.6, TuM01.7, TuM01.14, TuP11.1, WeA01.6, WeA01.7, WeA01.11, WeM01.5, WeM01.12, WeM33.14, WeP01.9
Systems with saturationFrM11.5, MoP04.1, ThA10.6, ThM03.2, ThM03.4, ThM10.4, ThM10.5, ThM10.6, ThP10.2, TuA09.4, WeM03.4, WeM10.4, WeP14.1
Systems with time-delaysFrA11.4, FrA15.2, FrM10.3, MoA21.2, MoM02.1, MoM02.2, MoM02.3, MoM02.4, MoM02.5, MoM02.6, MoM02.7, MoM02.8, MoM02.9, MoM02.10, MoM02.11, MoM02.12, MoM02.13, MoM02.14, MoM14.2, MoP04.9, MoP15.4, ThA03.4, ThA03.10, ThA23.4, ThA23.5, ThP14.1, ThP14.3, ThP14.6, ThP15.1, ThP15.2, ThP15.3, ThP15.5, ThP15.6, TuA01.4, TuP15.1, TuP15.2, TuP15.3, TuP15.4, TuP15.5, TuP15.6, WeA03.5, WeA14.6, WeP11.5
Task allocation-sharing and job designFrA25.5
Teaching curricula developments for control and other engineersFrM20.2, FrM20.3, FrM20.6, ThM19.1, ThM19.2, ThM19.3, ThM19.4, ThM19.5, ThP19.3, TuM01.8, TuM01.9, WeM33.1, WeM33.8, WeM33.9, WeM33.10
Technology TransferThA08.1
Tele-maintenanceMoA05.1, ThA26.4
Tele-roboticsMoA05.4, ThA26.4
Telecommunication-based automation systemsFrM33.3, MoA05.5
TelepresenceThA02.3, ThM02.2, ThP02.7, WeM16.2
TeleroboticsFrA10.4, MoA25.5, MoM03.4, MoM03.6, MoM18.4, ThA02.3, ThM02.2, ThM16.3, ThM16.5, ThP02.7, TuM25.6
Test and documentationMoP19.1, ThA19.1, ThA19.4
Thermal and process control applications of distributed parameter systemsThP14.5, TuA23.3, TuP21.6, WeA03.10
Time series modellingFrA03.3, FrA03.6, FrA03.13, FrA04.3, FrA04.8, FrA04.9, FrA04.10, FrA04.11, FrA04.12, MoM08.6, MoP07.2, ThA07.5, ThA07.6, ThP03.9, TuA04.11, TuM05.2, WeA07.1
Time-invariant systemsFrM09.4, FrM14.6, MoA13.2, MoA15.3, MoM02.8, MoM02.14, MoM21.1, MoM21.5, MoP02.7, MoP15.6, ThA15.4, ThM04.8, ThM09.5, ThM23.5, TuA01.2, TuA01.3, TuA01.12, TuA13.1, TuA21.1, TuM09.6, TuP10.6, TuP14.5, TuP21.2, WeP02.8, WeP02.10, WeP14.4
Time-varying systemsFrA14.4, FrM14.2, FrM33.1, MoA06.2, MoA14.3, MoA21.4, MoM02.7, MoM04.3, MoM04.9, MoM14.1, MoP09.4, MoP11.2, ThA04.5, ThA11.3, ThM03.5, ThM04.9, TuA01.1, TuA01.5, TuA10.5, TuM04.4, TuP04.1, TuP04.6, TuP14.3, WeA11.1, WeA11.4, WeA15.6, WeM02.5, WeM15.5, WeM15.6, WeP15.4
TrackingFrA15.2, MoA06.1, MoM04.5, MoM06.6, MoP04.1, MoP04.5, MoP09.2, ThA03.3, ThA03.7, ThA11.6, ThM01.7, ThM03.1, ThM03.10, ThM03.11, ThM04.2, ThM04.7, TuA01.10, TuA10.6, TuA11.2, TuM21.5, WeA09.2, WeM03.11, WeM03.12, WeM03.14, WeM04.9, WeM04.10, WeM04.12
Trajectory and Path PlanningMoA04.6, MoA04.12, MoA04.13, MoM28.3, MoP28.3, MoP28.6, ThM30.2, ThM30.6, ThM31.1, ThM31.2, ThM31.6, ThP30.6, TuA02.10, TuP28.1, TuP28.2, TuP28.4, WeA28.5, WeA28.6, WeM05.3, WeM23.3, WeM28.1, WeM28.2, WeM28.3, WeM28.4, WeM28.5, WeM28.6
Trajectory Tracking and Path FollowingFrA28.1, MoA04.2, MoA04.8, MoA04.9, MoA04.13, MoM28.2, ThM05.1, ThM25.2, ThM30.3, ThM30.5, ThP30.2, ThP31.3, TuA02.5, TuM28.1, TuM28.5, TuM28.6, TuP28.3, TuP28.5, WeM28.4
Transportation logisticsFrA18.3, FrA18.4, FrA18.5, TuA15.1, TuA15.5, WeP13.3
UAVsMoA21.6, ThA03.5, ThA15.3, ThM03.10, ThM03.11, ThM04.5, ThP10.4, ThP10.5, TuA09.5, WeM03.12, WeM03.13, WeP15.1
Uncertainty descriptionsFrM09.2, MoA06.5, MoA06.6, MoA10.6, MoP06.6, MoP14.3, ThA09.1, ThM01.3, TuA06.4, TuP16.5, TuP21.1, WeM10.1
Uncertainty in water resource system control/managementTuM17.4, TuP17.3, TuP17.6, WeA18.2
University-industry co-operation in control engineering educationThA01.4, ThA01.7, ThA01.11, ThA01.13
University-industry cooperation for training control engineersThA01.4, ThM19.6, TuM01.4
Unmanned marine vehiclesMoM27.1, MoM27.3, ThA25.4, ThM25.2, ThM25.4, ThM25.6, ThP25.1, ThP25.2
Urban HealthcareWeA01.9, WeA01.10
Urban MobilityTuM01.1, WeA01.12, WeM01.9, WeP01.1
Value systemsTuP11.3
Vehicle dynamic systemsFrA23.1, FrA23.2, FrA23.3, FrA23.4, FrA23.6, FrM18.2, MoA23.1, MoA23.2, MoA23.5, MoP23.1, MoP23.3, MoP23.4, MoP23.5, MoP23.6, ThA21.5, ThM30.4, ThM30.5, ThM31.5, ThP30.1, ThP30.3, ThP30.5, TuA02.1, TuA02.5, TuA02.10, TuA02.11, TuP02.4, TuP02.9, TuP28.1
Vibration and modal analysisFrA03.6, MoA07.3, MoA07.6, MoA08.3, MoM07.3, ThP03.7, ThP03.8, TuA28.3
Vibration controlFrA16.2, FrA16.5, FrM16.3, FrM16.5, MoP18.3, MoP25.1, MoP25.5, ThA16.3, ThA17.1, ThA17.2, ThA17.3, ThA17.5, ThM16.4, ThP16.1, ThP16.2, ThP16.3, ThP16.4, ThP16.5, ThP16.6, TuM03.6, TuP03.1, TuP03.2, TuP03.3, TuP03.4, TuP03.5, TuP03.6, TuP03.7, TuP03.8, TuP03.13, WeA17.1, WeM16.5, WeP16.3
Virtual and remote labsFrM20.1, ThM19.6, ThP19.2, ThP19.4, ThP19.5, ThP19.6, WeM33.1, WeM33.4, WeM33.6, WeM33.7, WeM33.10, WeM33.12, WeM33.13, WeM33.15
Virtual classes, departments, laboratories and schoolsWeM33.1, WeM33.2
Virtual instrumentsMoA18.2, ThM02.15
Wastewater treatment processesThP01.3, ThP05.5, TuA05.1, TuA05.2, TuA05.3, TuA05.4, TuA05.5, WeM18.5
Water and energy nexus modelling and controlTuM17.2, TuP17.4
Water prediction and controlTuM18.1, TuP17.1, TuP17.2, TuP17.4
Water quality and quantity managementMo11.1, MoP17.2, TuA05.6, TuP17.2, WeA18.1, WeM18.1
Water supply and distribution systemsMoP26.4, TuP06.5
Well-posed distributed parameter systemsTuA13.1, TuA23.6
Work in real and virtual environmentsFrA25.5, MoM03.6




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