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20 Submitted Open Invited Tracks

The number of submitted Open Invited Tracks reached 20! Among these: 2 concern control demonstrators, 2 are control application driven, and one is an industrial challenge.

Title   Code
Interval estimation applied to diagnosis and control of uncertain systems   yb11w
Simple Adaptive Control   5317s
Modelling, identification and control of quantum systems   5mny2
Dependable Control of Discrete Systems   v263i
Diagnosis Techniques on Discrete Event Systems   t38qn
Tools and demonstrators for Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems Demonstrators f9s43
Event-triggered and self-triggered control   179fp
Time-Delays and PDEs   td3e1
Flow control strategies and applications   qc7gv
Multi-objective optimization techniques in control systems engineering   6ad17
Analysis, Numerics, Control of Nonsmooth and Set-Valued Dynamical Systems   6bipx
A Civilian Aircraft Landing Challenge Challenge 1w92k
Recent trends in modeling, estimation and control with PDEs   xiqyk
Cyber-physical systems for future industrial systems   18y9d
Intelligent decision systems in the wood-products industry Applications 5767b
IS alignment for Enterprise Resource Planning systems   849f1
Control of Airborne Wind Energy Systems Applications t167v
Control and coordination for synchromodal transport systems   t8phq
Exhibition of Demonstrators for Educational purposes in Control sciences Demonstrators 3nr6q
GdR MACS Young PhD researchers - track of extended abstracts   92p23

To submit a contribution to an open invited track, follow the submission procedure using the given track code. Contributions can be IFAC-standard papers, surveys or extended abstracts. See the call for papers for details about submission types and categories.