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The 36th Open Invited track dedicated to the Legacy of A. M. Lyapunov (1857-1918) to Systems and Control Theory


Title: The Legacy of A. M. Lyapunov to Systems and Control Theory. 110 years of the Toulouse edition "The general problem of the stability of motion"

Track proposed by: Pavel Pakshin, Elena V. Panteley, Natalia Pakshina

Abstract: Three significant dates relating to A. M. Lyapunov will be celebrated in 2017: the 160th anniversary of his birth, 125 years since the first publication of his seminal memoir "Obshchaya zadacha ob ustoichivosti dvizheniya" (The general problem of the stability of motion) printed in Russian by the Mathematical Society of Kharkov, and 110 years since the appearance of the French translation of his work published in the Annales de la Faculte des Sciences de l'Universite de Toulouse. This open track is dedicated to the impact of Lyapunov's ideas on the modern control theory. It offers an opportunity to the new generations of control scientists to discover the history of Lyapunov's framework and people that played a major role in its development. The topics of this open track cover, but are not limited to: historical overviews of key personalities and groups in control connected with development of Lyapunov ideas; evolution of Lyapunov stability theory and its application in control engineering; recent trends in Lyapunov stability theory and its applications in systems analysis and control design; perspectives: open questions in the development of Lyapunov's framework and new challenges posed by emergent applications.

Code for submitting contributions: 255cq
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