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Instructions for presentations

Oral podium presentations are held in rooms equipped with either with a beamer with 16/9 screen proportions and 1920x1080 resolution or a 80 inches wide 16/9 TV screen. Both VGA and HDMI-DVI connections are provided. Interactive oral sessions are such that each author is allocated to a stand consisting of a 46 inches wide TV screen and a small table. Screens have 16/9 proportions and 1920x1080 resolution. Both VGA and HDMI-DVI connections are provided. Demonstrator sessions have adapted format, all authors of demonstrators have been contacted individually to adjust the logistics and the technique.

In all cases, no computer is provided. Presenters are invited to bring their own laptop. An IFAC2017 volunteer will assist presenters with eventual technical issues.

More details are available in the Instructions for Presentations and Session Chairs.