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New! Civilian Aircraft Landing Challenge

Title: A Civilian Aircraft Landing Challenge
Track proposed by:  Jean-Marc Biannic (Onera), Josep Boada Bauxell (Airbus)
Abstract:  From the early developments of the A320 program, thanks to Fly-By-Wire systems, Automatic Control techniques have significantly contributed to improve flight performance and safety of civilian aircraft. Today, most of the flight segments can be managed quite efficiently by the autopilot. However, the final approach and landing phases still remain critical in poor visibility and strong wind conditions. Based on a realistic nonlinear model of a civil transport aircraft in full configuration, the objective of the proposed challenge is to design an autopilot system to enable a correct landing despite parametric variations and maximized cross wind conditions. The model together with trimming and linearization routines and a baseline controller can be downloaded from the SMAC project website ( in the aerospace benchmarks section.
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Code for submitting contributions:  1w92k

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