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New open invited track : FLOW CONTROL

Title: Flow control strategies and applications
Track proposed by:  Christophe Airiau, Rudibert King, Bernd R Noack

Flow control
Abstract:  Fluid flow control problems exist in a multitude of applications including ground, maritime and airborne transportation, renewable energy, like wind- or water-turbines, mitigation of combustion instabilities and improvement of industrial processes in which fluid flows or heat transfer convection are present. Flow control rapidly progresses by exciting multidisciplinary activities with researchers from fluid mechanics, physics, applied mathematics, computer sciences (machine learning) and control theory. Each discipline brings in its own knowledge and understandings of the problem. This track shall fertilize cross-disciplinary interactions. Topics covered include (but not limited) theoretical, numerical and experimental developments on flow control with :

  • Feedback and robust control
  • Adaptive or model-free control
  • Machine learning, genetic algorithms, any evolutionary algorithms
  • Model-based control (reduced-order model : ODE, PDE)
  • Direct Numerical Simulations (of Navier-Stokes equations)
  • Turbulence control and nonlinear flow control
  • Coupling approaches

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Code for submitting contributions: qc7gv

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