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New track: Trends in modeling, estimation & control with PDEs

Title: Recent trends in modeling, estimation and control with PDEs
Track proposed by:  Thomas Meurer (Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel), Yann Le Gorrec (FEMTO-ST)
Abstract:  Although analysis of distributed parameter systems has a long history and tradition, they have in recent years evolved as one of the fundamental mathematical descriptions of many technical processes and scientific observations. The distributed parameter description in terms of partial differential equations (PDEs) is an essential ingredient of the modeling and analysis process if the spatial or property-related distribution of the process variables can no longer be neglected. As a result, control and observer design has to explicitly take into account the resulting spatial temporal system dynamics. With the proposed open invited track entitled ,,Recent trends in modeling, estimation and control with PDEs'' the organizers aim to realize a joint forum addressing the very recent developments in this field. To foster the methodological developments it is desired to also include application papers that provide case studies illustrating and confirming the increasing interest in modeling, estimation and control approaches for systems governed by PDEs.
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Code for submitting contributions:  xiqyk

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