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Registration issues

Dear colleagues,
The registration team is working hard in answering the questions and issues that some of you have. The fact that about 3000 persons register in less than 2 weeks time makes the situation critical. So please be patient and avoid solicitations that could find answers in the Congress web pages.

  • Deadline. The deadline for final paper submission has been extended to 7 April in order to handle the registration issues.
  • Do not wait for the last days to proceed with registration. In the afternoon of 30 March the registration server counts about 1300 registrations and PaperCept counts 920 final papers uploaded. With 2800 papers accepted to the Congress, next week will be very busy.
  • Slow server. If the server is too slow, try to connect a little later. The technical staff is doing its best to increase the server capacities.
  • Credit card only. Registration fees and other items can be paid by credit card only (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD). Other payment means such as bank transfer are administratively too complex and time consuming. Sorry for that.
  • Lost in registration? Please read the registration procedure.
  • Application Days registration gives access only to the two last days of the Congress (13&14 July). If your presentation is scheduled at other days of the Congress you shall not be able to attend to it with an Application Days only registration.
  • My login? When you connect to the registration system for the first time, you shall "Create a new profile".
  • Papers upload. When you declare papers for upload, enter each paper one by one, specifying each time the submission number, and only the submission number. Be carful when doing so. Errors generate erroneous upload codes.
  • Upload codes? The upload codes are contained in the confirmation/invoice that you receive by email after payment.
  • Invitation letters? The invitation letters are contained in the email you receive after payment.
  • Contact data? If needed for your visa formalities, you may use the Congress contact information.
  • I can't wait. The email sent after payment may take some time to get to your inbox. It is sent only after payment confirmation by the bank.
  • I don't receive. Be sure the email you declare is valid and your server does not filter messages with attachments.
  • Detailed invoices with additional data may be generated only after payment, and after 15 April.
  • Workshops only? Workshops and Tutorials registrations are accessible only to congress attendees. Registration to IFAC pre-Congress Workshops and Tutorials only, without regisration to the World Congress is not permitted.
  • Help! When facing other difficulties, send an email with as detailed as possible information to

Meanwhile, the International Program Committee is elaborating the detailed Congress Schedule. The 2800 accepted presentations need to be organized in coherent sessions while avoiding conflicts such as two presentations of a same author at a same time. The program should be finalized in the second half of April.