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Reminders about paper submission

As the deadline of 8 November is very close, here are some reminders concerning paper submission:

  • The submission procedure is described in details at Please read the instructions carefully before sending questions to the IPC. The mailbox may well be saturated at some point.
  • In case you have been invited to do so, do not forget to choose "Invited session paper" as submission type, and enter the code provided by the session organizer. Be aware that the session code is not the same as the session ID. The session code is composed of a sequence of five alphanumeric characters, while session ID is a number between 1 and 1000.
  • Check the open invited track topics at If you feel your contribution falls in one of these topics you may submit your contribution as "Open Invited Track paper" and please use the code corresponding to the track as listed at
  • If a code does not work, it might be because you selected the wrong submission type. "Open Invited Track paper" submission cannot be entered to the system when choosing "Invited session paper" type.

Do not wait the last minute to submit your contribution.

To avoid and last minute difficulties, we recommend to start the submission procedure as soon as possible. The corresponding author has the possibility to update the submitted information, and the PDF files, as long as the deadline has not been reached.