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Vouchers & End of registration updates

Dear IFAC 2017 delegates,

Registration vouchers have been sent to all delegates. It seems that these contain some errors. Please be so kind to inform us at if it is the case for you. The team will compile your inputs and figure out the reasons of the mistakes in order to elaborate the appropriate solutions. Many thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.

Updates of registration items such as the Congress Ceremonies, the Workshops, the Technical Visits, names of delegates, done after 30 June will not be considered on the Congress badges. Any further modification shall need manual processing.

Reminder about rules from the registration page:

Registrations are transferable to delegates not yet registered only if the IFAC 2017 Congress Secretariat is duly informed in writing at least 3 weeks in advance of the start of the Congress to the registration staff. In case the registration covers final paper uploads, the transfer should be done among authors of these papers in order to ensure that the papers are indeed presented by one of the contributors. Registrations may not be shared, i.e. company name tags will not be issued and name tags may not be shared.

Best Regards,
Dimitri Peaucelle - IFAC 2017 General Chair