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Preliminary Program Unveiled


The preliminary program of the IFAC 2017 World Congress is available at


Schedule problems: Corresponding authors will soon be contacted by the IPC Chairs who will provide a procedure to follow if some modifications need to be done. Please follow this procedure. Requests made outside of this procedure shall not be considered.

Interactive sessions: Papers scheduled in interactive sessions have the same status as any other paper. Presentation is oral with possibility to have slides, videos, software demonstrations etc. with the help of a TV screen. Interaction is increased in comparison with 20 minute presentations on stage thanks to direct discussions during 2 hours slots. See here for details.

Demonstrator sessions: These sessions will allow further increased interaction between attendees and presenters during 4 hour slots (and sometimes more). The contributions will be presented by means of demonstration of prototypes or other devices, and can be done using TV screens as well. See here for details.

Invited sessions and open invited sessions: These sessions have been proposed by organizers following a procedure detailed here. The number of accepted papers submitted to an open invited track not always being a multiple of 6, some of the papers originally submitted to an open invited track are scheduled in regular sessions.