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Urgent Registration Problems

Dear colleagues,

7 April is the last day for paper upload, and as specified in all previous documents, one should register to the congress to get the upload codes.
At 15:37 local time (Toulouse, France) 2328 final papers have been uploaded. Some 450 are still missing.

Important information:

  • Not receiving your upload codes? If you are waiting a long time for the emails with upload codes, it might be because your mail box has problems. This occurs in particular with addresses of the type If you are in this case, please send us ( an alternative email address. The team is doing its best to contact people for which the emails have errors.
  • Where are the codes? The upload codes, sometimes also called "upload fee charge", are contained in the confirmation_invoice.pdf file received after payment. Have a look at the second page.
  • No further deadline extension. The IFAC World Congress organization is a complex task. The team has to move on other tasks once the papers have been uploaded.
  • This does not answer my questions. Have a look at the registration issues page the answers might be there.

The colleagues of the registration team are doing their best to answer all questions but may not be able to answer all of them, especially for questions arriving at the very last moment. After 19:00 local time (Toulouse, France) might be too late for questions and manual updates.

Best Regards,

Dimitri Peaucelle
IFAC 2017 General Chair