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Sponsorship & Exhibition Application Form

To become an IFAC 2017 sponsor or participate to one of the onsite exhibitions, please complete and sign the form below, and return it by post, fax or email to:

IFAC 2017 Secretariat – LAAS-CNRS
7 av. Colonel Roche BP54200
F-31031 Toulouse CEDEX 4 FRANCE
Fax: +33 5 61 33 63 09

This page is also accessible in PDF.

  Sponsor or Exhibitor information
Company name:  
Tax registration number:  



Contact person:  
Sponsorship Item Options Your contribution
Sponsorship details
Main Sponsor
(over 30,000€ or equivalent)
President's dinner or Congress Banquet sponsorship.
Your choice:
Lead Sponsor
(starts at 20,000€ or equivalent in cattering funding)
Welcome reception, Farewell reception or coffee breaks.
Your choice:
Major Sponsor
(starts at 4,000€)
Logo on delegates' bags, lanyards, USB drives or Wi-Fi documentation.
Your choice:
(starts at 2,000€ or equivalent in goodies for attendees)
Proposed goodies (if any):  
Round table organizer
(1,000€ for 200 person room; 2,000€ for 500 person auditorium)
You may add a lunch for attendees at 25€ per person.
Your choice of room:
Number of lunches:
Exhibition Item Your choice
Exhibition details
Exhibitor booth 6m2 = 3,000€ (free for main and lead sponsors)  
Extra space below 12m2 = 450€ per m2  
Extra space above 12 m2 = 400€ per m2  
Demonstrator booth 6m2 = 2,000€  
Extra demonstrator space = 200€ per m2  
Exhibition only registrations = 100€ per invitation  
Summary of your contribution to IFAC 2017 World Congress
TOTAL (Sponsorship + Exhibition) =  
VAT (20%) =
According to French tax policy VAT is currently 20% and is not included in reported rates. It is subject to changes and applied VAT will be the official one at the signed contract date.
TOTAL including VAT =  

By signing below the sponsor/exhibitor signifies he/she has read, understands and agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this form (including the Terms and Conditions Contract, which is part of this Agreement). He/she has raised and obtained satisfactory answers to any questions about the clarity, legibility or readability of this form (including the Terms and Conditions Contract).

Name (in capital letters):  



Stamp of the company:



Upon receipt of the signed form, the CNRS Délégation Midi-Pyrénées will send an invoice. Payment of the total amount is due by bank transfer 30 days from the invoice date.

Account holder:
Agent comptable secondaire CNRS (IFAC2017).
Bank name: DRFiP de la Haute Garonne.
Address: Pl Occitane F-31039 Toulouse CEDEX.
Account: 10071/31000/00001001253/19.
IBAN: FR7610071310000000100125319.

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