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Congress Kit

Congress Badge

Each congress participant (delegate, application days delegate, accompanying person, member of the organization) will receive a nominative Congress Badge at the Welcome Desk. Delegate Badges provide access to all Congress venues during the whole Congress week. Application Days Badges provide access to le Congress during the two last days only (13 and 14 July).

This Badge provides also access to those Congress Items selected during online registration, such as pre-congress workshops, technical visits, ceremonies and receptions, lunches and accommodation at university campus. All purchased or selected items are listed on the badge. Only one badge will be issued so please ensure that you have yours with you every day. Having the badge with you is also important for security reasons.

Certificate of participation

The Congress Badge also serves as attendance certificate. No certificate will be provided during the Congress week but may be asked for, and sent, after the Congress.

Delegate Kit

Each delegate will receive a bag with IFAC’2017 logo. The bag contains

  • the IFAC 2017 Manifesto,
  • the five daily programs,
  • a USB disk with the IFAC’2017 Congress Preprints and The IFAC Story e-book,
  • an IFAC2017 branded free ride transportation ticket,
  • a pen,
  • a lanyard to attach the Congress Badge,
  • a wine stopper with the new IFAC Journal of Systems and Control brand,
  • a note book branded by IJAC,
  • a luggage tag branded by IEEE/CCA Journal of Automatica Sinica
  • and gifts from IFAC 2020 World Congress organizers.


The Congress Center provides a WiFi for the Congress Attendees.

The login is IFAC2017 and the password is IFAC2017.

This WiFi and the Internet link have been upgraded but might no be enough. The organizers apologize in advance in case the requested upgrades happen not to be sufficient. The characteristics are 500Mbps data transfer rate and 1000 admissible simultaneous connections. Delegates are kindly asked to avoid video streaming as well as Skype video. They are also invited to disconnect when not necessary to free the connection for other attendees.

An alternative Wifi is accessible at the Hotel Mercure Compans (session rooms Gavarnie, Toulouse, Conques, Cordes, Lourdes, Pic du Midi).

There is not WiFi available at Palais des Sports.