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Welcome Desk and Security

France, as many other countries, has suffered these last years from several terrorist attacks. In reaction, the authorities have strengthened security procedures, in particular for all events gathering large number of attendees. The organizers are bound to establish enforced procedures to enable safe access and security of attendees.

The IFAC 2017 World Congress with over 3.200 attendees is concerned. The following security measures will apply during the Congress: 

  • A unique entrance/exit to the Congress venue site.
  • Permanent security check of all people entering the site.
  • Security check of all bags, parcels and luggage.
  • Entrance is permitted only to Congress registered attendees certified by a Congress badge (or the congress attendee voucher on the first day of arrival).
  • The Congress badge will be delivered to individuals in person upon presentation of a photo ID such as the passport.
  • There might be random verifications of the identity of the attendees during the event.

These security measures are unusual for Congresses and unfortunate, but are compulsory. While these improve the security, they also create some constraints. Attendees are kindly asked to have these constraints in mind and:

  • Anticipate your arrival to the Congress site as there may be some delay to pass through the security check.
  • Avoid as much as possible bringing your luggage to the Congress site.
  • Do not try to access the Congress site from accesses other than the secured one.
  • Do not loose or forget your Congress badge.
  • Print in advance your Congress access voucher (to be sent by email two weeks before the opening of the Congress).
  • Be patient with the Congress Volunteers and the security guards.  

The Congress organization team thanks you in advance for following these recommendations and for your understanding and collaboration in making IFAC'2017 a safe and yet friendly event.