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Social Program

Ceremonies and Receptions are open to all delegates and registered accompanying persons having indicated their willingness to attend the events during registration. Costs are included in the registration fees.

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

Sunday 9 July 18:00 at Palais des Sports and 20:00 at Congress Center

The Opening Ceremony is held in Palais des Sports Multipurpose Arena. The Welcome Reception is held at the Pierre Baudis Congress Center simultaneously in Caravelle (level 0) and Concorde (level -1) halls. Prestigious buffet food and beverages are served. It is the opportunity to appreciate local French cuisine and to reconnect with colleagues from around the world.

Congress Gala Dinner

Thursday 13 July 19:30 at Le Manoir du Prince

Prestigious buffet food and beverages are served in a garden party atmosphere. Two live music stages will alternate with swing, jazz and popular French songs. 14th of July is the French national day, known as Bastille Day, official day of the French revolution. Traditionally popular parties with music, dances are organized at this occasion in all cities and towns. These parties are usually organized by firemen brigades and known as “bal des pompiers”. The IFAC 2017 gala dinner aims at recreating this informal, popular atmosphere. There is no dress code, but attendees are invited to be aware that it takes place simultaneously in the Manoir du Prince buildings, under tents, and in open air. Depending on the weather it might be advisable to bring a sweater. It is preferable to consider comfortable shoes.

Assess to the Congress Gala Dinner is as follows:

  • During day time buses will leave from the Congress Center to bring attendees to the Manoir du Prince at
    • 10:30 to be on time for the round table organized by MOVEO,
    • 13:00 to be on time for the ThM30, ThM31 and ThM32 sessions
    • 15:30 to be on time for the ThP30, ThP31 sessions
  • In the evening starting from 19:30 and until 21:00 private buses leave from the Basso Cambo metro station. Gala Dinner guests shall take the metro to get to the Basso Cambo station. From the Congress Center take the B line bounding for Ramonville, change at Jean-Jaures for the A line, and take the Basso Cambo direction until the last stop. The travel takes 23 minutes.
  • After the Gala Dinner, from 22:00 until 00:00 the buses bring back all attendees to the Congress Center at Compans Caffarelli.

Closing Ceremony, Farewell Reception and German IFAC 2020 Frienship Evening

Friday 14 July 16:00 at Palais des Sports and 18:00 at Congress Center

The Closing Ceremony will be the last official event of the 20th IFAC World Congress. It features the announcement of Congress Prizes and IFAC Journal Awards, as well as the official transmittal of IFAC presidency to Germany. The Farewell Reception is also the opportunity for the German colleagues in charge of organizing the next IFAC World Congress in Berlin to treat all delegates with presents.

The reception is held at the Pierre Baudis Congress Center simultaneously in Caravelle (level 0) and Concorde (level -1) halls. Cocktail snacks and beverages are served. The reception ends at 20:00 and delegates are then suggested to attend the 14 July, Bastille Day, fireworks performed at 22:30 from the center of the river Garonne. Prior to the Fireworks, a concert is given in the Prairie des Filtres Park.